How to increase java heap size for ESM migration tool

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  • 11-Aug-2014
  • 26-Jul-2016


Increasing heap size using environment variable ARCSIGHT_JVM_OPTIONS


The migration tool document mentions the following:
If you have a very large number of resources, the default 6 GB of heap size on the
Manager may not be sufficient to handle the load. To work around this issue, set
ARCSIGHT_JVM_OPTIONS environment variable to the desired heap size before you
run the migration tool. 


1) login as arcsight

Check values from $ARCSIGHT_HOME/config/server.wrapper.conf

Set the envrionment variable in the shell to these values you before executing the migration utililty

2) issue following command:

export ARCSIGHT_JVM_OPTIONS="-Xms4096m –Xmx8192m"

3) verify that it is set, issue following command:


4) should return

-Xms4096m –Xmx8192m


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