Install DP 7.0 agent fails in Windows 2008 with early DP 6.11 installed

  • KM01081534
  • 05-Aug-2014
  • 05-Aug-2014

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New install DP 7.0 agent. (Windows was installed DP 6.11 early, but completely uninstalled) Windows 2008 Enterprise X64. After deleted OmniBack folders, deleted related registry, but install still fails. Remotely install fails: [Critical] Setup has detected an older version (00.00) of Data Protector. Upgrade from this version is not supported." Locally install failed: "The setup process was interrupted before Data Protector could be completely installed." Work-around: 1/ Remove OmniBack in regedit. 2/ Delete old DP 6.11 folder in location. After try all methods, it's still failed to install. Final Solution: Use Microsoft FixIt application ( - Download & install to server - Run application, select Data Protector 6.11 & click Fix. - After fixed, now can Install DP 7.0 remotely or locally successful. - Customer