SNMP nodes appear under the 'Non-SNMP Devices' node group

  • KM01061341
  • 23-Jul-2014
  • 24-Jul-2014


Incorrect configuration of the device filter for 'Non-SNMP Devices' node group can result in some SNMP device being wronly reported under this group.


In Network Node Manager (NNMi), some SNMP capable devices are getting incorrectly assigned to the 'Non-SNMP Devices' node group.

The results of #nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl confirm that these devices are responding to SNMP requests.


This behaviour can be experienced when the device filters for the 'Non-SNMP Devices' node group, has not been set correctly or is deleted.

To confirm if this is resulting to the issue, goto the NNMi Console -> Inventory -> Node Groups -> Non-SNMP Devices (Node Group selection)-> Device Filters (tab)

Verify that the default Device Filter: Device Model - <No SNMP> still exists. If not, then re-create this device filter by clicking on the 'new' device filter tab and configure as illustrated below -

Device Category : blank entry (--Choose One--)
Device Vendor : blank entry (--Choose One--)
Device Famity : blank entry (--Choose One--)
Device Profile : <No SNMP>