How to download LoadRunner 12.02 installation file from SSO

  • KM01060277
  • 22-Jul-2014
  • 01-Dec-2015


Provides instructions how to download LoadRunner 12.02 installation file from SSO.


How to download LoadRunner 12.02 installation file from HP Software Support Online (SSO)?


Please follow the steps listed below to download LoadRunner 12.02 from SSO:

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Click on "My updates" and enter your SSO credentials
  3. In "My Software Updates" page:
    1. Select an SAID or click on “Directly enter an SAID” radio button
    2. Enter the SAID in the textbox
    3. Click on the checkbox "Yes, I accept these terms and conditions".
    4. Click on View available products

    image text

  4. Click on "Get software updates "
  5. In the page My software updates – downloads you will find
    “HP LoadRunner 12.02 English Software E-Media” if LoadRunner is included in your SAID 
  6. Click on "Get software updates"
  7. Under Product name find:
    HP LoadRunner 12.02 English Software E-Media and
  8. Click on Get Software
  9. Under Downloads select: HP LoadRunner 12.02 English ( )
  10. Click on "Use HP Download Manager" or "Download" button.