Priority column displays open.time on probsummary.qbe.g format

  • KM01057209
  • 18-Jul-2014
  • 18-Jul-2014

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After installing PD4, the QBE format used to display an Incident search result displays the open.time in the Priority column (see attached OOB_probsummary_g_format.png).


The forms designer input for the column is incorrectly configured:
--The "Input" property is: open.time
--The "Field" property is: priority.code


Go to the probsummary.qbe.g format using forms designer:
--Enter design mode.
--select the Priority caption in the table to select the column.
--Remove the "Field" property (it should be blank)
--Change the "Input" property value to "priority.code" (without quotes)
--click OK to exit design mode
--click OK to save the updated form to the database