A "instanceUUID" parameter could be available for "omnir" command.

  • KM01036611
  • 13-Jul-2014
  • 13-Jul-2014


Since DP 8.11, "instanceUUID" parameter could be available for "omnir" command.


When virtual machine was backed up in "Discovered virtual machine" folder, omnir command with legacy options will fail.
[Normal] From: VEPALIB_VMWARE@maserver1 "/DataCenter1" Time: 2014/07/03 11:57:31
        Add Virtual Machine to the backup ...
                Name: bktest1
                Path: /DataCenter1/Discovered virtual machine/bktest1
                InstanceUUID: 5007e925-7491-9737-3026-5bfd8250859c
<Restore with "omnir" command>
[Critical] From: VEPALIB_VMWARE@maserver1 ""  Time: 2014/07/09 18:59:51
        No objects found for restore...
Restore from GUI has no trouble with the same backed up data.


Restore object should be searched with not only path option but also UUID option.
Please see CLI manual and virtual integration manual in detail.