Limiting the Number of the Flow Packet Files iSPI for Traffic

  • KM01007509
  • 23-Jun-2014
  • 23-Jun-2014


This document describe how to limit the the Number of flow packets.


Once configured, the Leaf Collector continues to create flow packet files on the system, which eventually consume a significant amount of disk space. When the available disk space of the Leaf Collector system falls to 10%, the Leaf Collector automatically stops creating any new flow packet files. In addition, the NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic provides you with a mechanism to control the maximum number of flow packet files on the system.


To limit the number of flow packet files:

1. Log on to the Leaf Collector system.

2.Go to the following location:



In this instance, <DataDir> is the directory where you chose to place the data files while installing the Leaf Collector.



3.Open the file with a text editor.

4.Set the max.dump.hours property to the number of hours for which you want to store the flow packet files.

5.Save the file.

6.Enable the packet file storing mechanism.

7.After creating a flow packet file, the Leaf Collector retains the file for the number of hours specified for the max.dump.hours property.

For example, if you set the max.dump.hours property to 1, the Leaf Collector instance retains a flow packet file only for 1 hour after its creation.