Snapshot Viewer desription

  • KM01002946
  • 18-Jun-2014
  • 18-Jun-2014


Add-on description and important details of the Snapshot Viewer.


Snapshot Viewer description and details of the add-on


Snapshot Viewer.

The Snapshot Viewer enables you to view snapshot-onerror pages captured from Web Vusers during performance test runs. This is an Add-on for Performance Center Only.    

     ·      What are the file formats readable from snapshot application?

             The file formats are Snapshot on Error (.SOE)  and .INF

·        Why snapshot application is not launchable separately from PC load test?
The reason is because this is a Performance Center Add-On and it has built for access the results in the moment that they are generated
in the current load test. After finish the load test, the results are stored in the repository as an entire results data set and all the data can
be used just with Analysis software which is the tool in charge of handle and project the graphs and data generated in a load test.
The Snapshot viewer can’t run separately because it needs to be integrated with the Performance Center engine.