Transactions created using lr_set_transaction() are not displayed in BPM

  • KM00991412
  • 10-Jun-2014
  • 11-Jun-2014


For transactions created using lr_set_transaction(), the transaction names are not included in the .usr file of the script and BSM and BAC cannot find and display them. A workaround is provided to overcome this issue.


HP Business Service Management (BSM) 9.x transactions list does not display the transactions defined with

lr_set_transaction("tName", duration, LR_PASS); 

in VuGen versions 11.5x.


Transactions defined with lr_set_transaction("tName", duration, LR_PASS);  are not added to the VuGen script USR file.
BSM and BAC read the transactions included in the .usr file in the Vugen script folder. If transactions are not saved in the .usr file and BSM and BAC cannot find and display them. 


A possible workaround is to manually add the transaction names in the .usr file in sections [Transactions] and [TransactionsOrder].

  1. Open the .usr file (in the script folder) with Notepad
  2. Add the transactions in the [TransactionsOrder] and [Transactions] section of the .usr file.
    For example if the transactions in the script are: “Transaction1” and “Transaction2”, the corresponding sections in the .usr file should look as follows:



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