Load seeds using the hostfile in UNIX

  • KM00979865
  • 06-Jun-2014
  • 17-Jun-2014


This document describe how NNMi(Network Node Manager) administrators can load seeds using a hostfile from the UNIX server.


This document describe the procedure how NNMi seeds can be loaded using a host file.


Please make sure that the snmp-get-community names for each node to be discovered and entered in the comunication  configuration  settings.

1. assume that the hosts file has a format such as:

<ip> <hostname>
2. In UNIX there is a command that can strip the <ip> and create a new file as follows (assume that the original hosts file is called /etc/hosts):

awk '{print $1}' /etc/hosts > /tmp/all-ips.txt

3. Now feed /tmp/all-ips.txt to nnmloadseeds.ovpl

4. In unix there is a another utility called split that can split a 2000 line file into say 4 files ofr 500 lines each.

5.You simple run each file as follows:

/opt/OV/binnnmloadseeds.ovpl -f <file1>

Important note:We cannot give all 2000 nodes at the same time, since it will make it difficult for NNMi to process that many nodes, all at once.