nnmincidentcfgload.ovpl failing with "Encountered an error executing your task"

  • KM00974800
  • 05-Jun-2014
  • 04-Jun-2021


nnmincidentcfgload.ovpl can fail when using -load and -validate options with the error "Encountered an error executing your task". The cause can be addressed by using a -memory option to allocate more heap memory.


When the following command is run, to load a previously created file, inc.tag, generated with the command nnmincidentcfgdump.ovpl:

# nnmincidentcfgload.ovpl -load /tmp/inc.tag 

the following error can be seen:

Encountered an error executing your task.

It can be seen too with the validate option:

# nnmincidentcfgload.ovpl -validate /tmp/inc.tag


The message can be caused by lack of heap memory.


Consider using the "-memory" option when the command is run.

It specifies the maximum heap size in Megabytes (MB). The minimum <memory> value is 512 MB. The default <memory> value is 1536 MB.

An example is:

# nnmincidentcfgload.ovpl -validate /tmp/inc.tag -memory 3072