How to increase the discovery speed.

  • KM00959289
  • 27-May-2014
  • 27-May-2014


NNMi(Network Node Manager) contains a property file that allow NNMi administrators increase the discovery speed this document describe how to enable this feature.


NNMi maintains a limit of three simultaneous SNMP requests to a node. This reduces the risk of a node’s SNMP agents dropping responses. You can adjust this value higher, resulting in increased discovery speed. However, if you set the value too high, you increase the risk of dropped responses and reduced discovery accuracy.


Important note: Please run a complete backup in order to recover any high impact on the server before executing the steps.


If you want to modify this limit, follow these steps:

1. Edit the following file:

• Windows: %NNM_PROPS%\

2. To increase the current number of simultaneous SNMP requests to a node, do the
a Look for a line the resembles the following:


b Un-comment the property:

c Change the existing value to the number of desired simultaneous SNMP
requests to a node.

To un-comment a property, remove the #! characters from the beginning of a line.

d Save your changes.

3 Restart the NNMi management server.

a Run the ovstop/ovstart command on the NNMi management server.