How to configure NNMi (Network Node Manager) incidents using the command line for 9.20.

  • KM00947747
  • 23-May-2014
  • 23-May-2014


NNMi adminstrators for some behaviors need to configure incidents without using the NNMi GUi.


NNMi now  provides a script  that permits NNMi administrators to execute these  task from the command line using the nnmincidentcfgdump.ovpl.


This command is used to copy incident configurations from the database into a tag formatted file. These configuration files can be edited and loaded back into the database by using nnmincidentcfgload.ovpl. You can edit the following configurations.





 drive:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\bin\



Important note:

Incident  configurations must first have been created using the NNMi console or  be loaded into the database using either the nnmtrapdload.ovpl or  nnmincidentcfg.ovpl commands.More details can be found under the following kcs