Could not create unique index "nms_discoarp_macip_idx"

  • KM00940806
  • 21-May-2014
  • 23-May-2014


This error was located in the ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software\log\ boot.log when upgrading from 9.05 to 9.20 .


This error message are located in the  ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software\log\boot.log file.

WARNING [AbstractPersistenceMigrationAgent] Statement failed:CREATE UNIQUE INDEX NMS_DISCOARP_MACIP_IDX ON NMS_DISCO_ARPCACH (MAC,IPVALUE):org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: could not create unique index "nms_discoarp_macip_idx"Detail: Key (mac, ipvalue)=(***********, \x**************************) is duplicated.


This error may occur when database contains minor corruptions most frequently on Windows platforms  when  some third party tool locking database files while we are attempting to write to them (one common tool is a system backup tool), causing minor corruption.


Execute the following commands:

  1. Drive\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\nonOV\Postgres\bin\psql -c "delete from nms_disco_nodearp";
  2. Drive\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\nonOV\Postgres\bin\psql -c "delete from nms_disco_arpcache";
  3. ovstop -c ovjboss
  4. ovstar -c ovjboss