Why does user_label attribute within uCMDB change display_label.

  • KM00925007
  • 16-May-2014
  • 16-May-2014


Why does User_Label change Display Label, how to avoid and what are the alternatives.


Can you please assist us to find out why changing the value of user_label on a node attribute automatically updates the display_label for that node? User_label is not defined as Default Label in the CI Type Manager. From a quick google and HP KB search we can find people stating user_label will do this but cannot find where in the tool it allows this nor where we can prevent it.
If an admin goes to the Default Label tab in the CI Type Manager the attribute User Label does not show up as an option to put in the CI Type Label definition.


User_Label will override the display label. The display label is a calculated attribute(as you can see in some classes xml definition and can be configured from CIT Manager Default Label tab) and it can be overridden with the value of "user_label". Customer should check who updates the user_label attribute.
This was added for BSM/RTSM. SIS topology will update the user label if no previous CI existed.

To aviod user updateing this field one can make the this invisable yo user. You may also want to consider adding another Attribute to the CI Type and use that field to add the values you were adding to User_label.

If this happens and user change the User_label  you can use an enrichment to blank those items out.