HTTP and HTTPS configured on NPS(Network Performance Center).

  • KM00901685
  • 09-May-2014
  • 23-May-2014


It's important to verify what communication protocol NNMi administrators set during the NPS initial configuration.This document explains the importance of HTTP vrs HTTPS


There are some behaviors when NNMI administrators use NNMi with HTTPS and not apply the same security protocol with the NPS  durubg  the initial configuration, this mistmach can  affect the acces to the NPS reports.


When running the enablement script in NNMi it gives you the option to use HTTP or HTTPS when accessing the reporting console from within NNMi.Knowing the difference and having the configuration the same on both NNMi and NPS will ensure proper functionality. Otherwise, you will never be able to launch the reporting GUI because of this mismatch.

You can set this in NNMi by running


drive\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\bin\nnmenableperfspi.ovpl.



You can set this in NPS by running configureWebAccess.ovpl. Ensure that you set the same on both, either both HTTP or both HTTPS. You will see cases where the NNMi administrators  can’t access the GUI when he clicks on Actions>Reporting Menu in NNMi, you can check the nnmenableperfspi.log in NNMi and by running configureWebAccess.ovpl  on  NPS.


drive\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\NNMPErformanceSPI\bin\configureWebAccess.ovpl –h


/opt/OV/NNMPerformanceSPI/bin/configureWebAccess.ovpl –h