HP Performance Center 12 Community License

  • KM00893673
  • 08-May-2014
  • 14-May-2014


Provides the information on installing the Community License for running HP Performance Center 12.00


HP Performance Center 12 includes a Community License. The License includes: 1 Controller allowing 1 concurrent run, 1 PC Lifecycle user and 50 perpetual virtual users of all protocols other than DCOM/GUI/Templates. The virtual users do not include support.


In order to use this license perform the following steps:

1. Save the attached three licenses on your machine.
2. From the Licenses tab in Site Administration upload PCSAALM-Communitylicfile.dat 
3. From the PC Licenses module in Lab Management add PC-Communitylicfile.dat and LR-Communitylicfile.dat