HP Configuration Value Pack (CVP) 3.1 Product

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  • 08-May-2014
  • 11-Aug-2016


HP is announcing the product obsolescence for HP Software Configuration Value Pack (CVP) 3.1.



Program overview


HP is announcing the product obsolescence for HP Software Configuration Value Pack (CVP) 3.1. In August 2008, CVP 3.1 customers with an active support contract will be sent a letter or electronic notification providing the most up-to-date CVP 3.1 end of sale/end-of-support information as follows:

  • CVP 3.1 customers can buy additional licenses until June 30, 2008; after September 1, 2008, the affected product numbers will be off the HP Corporate Price List and no longer orderable.
  • CVP 3.1 Product Support with HP will end at Support Contract expiration date for each customer.
The HP contract with blue elephant systems for Configuration Value Pack 3.1 will be terminated on September 1, 2008. HP customers will continue to contact HP for their support for CVP 3.1 until their Support Contract expires. After contract expiration, blue elephant systems (bes) will offer support based on similar terms and conditions that the customers have in their existing support contract.

Optionally, customers can migrate their licenses and support to bes branded software (MIDAS Configurator) and use direct support from bes at any convenient time between September 1, 2008 and their Support Contract expiration date.

Prior to the expiration of the HP Support Contract, customers must migrate their licenses and their current Support Contract to bes.

For more details on bes support contact www.blue-elephant-systems.com/CVP-Migration

Support calls may be logged at support@blue-elephant-systems.com

After September 1, 2008, requests for license keys and support renewals should be made directly to support@blue-elephant-systems.com.


Key program dates

Date Details
Mid August, 2008 Support customer notification
Sep 01, 2008 End of sale (no longer orderable or available for purchase)
Customer support contract expiration date End of current product support


Program documentation

  » Customer letter (.PDF)*
» Customer FAQ (.PDF)*

This product version obsolescence is covered by version 4.2 of the HP OpenView Supported Version policy. (Definitions of terms) are documented in the HP OpenView product version obsolescence guidelines.

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