Enrichment Rule fail, it tried to create circular relationships

  • KM00868114
  • 23-Apr-2014
  • 23-Apr-2014

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Custumer created a Enrichment Rule


I have created an Enrichment Rule called "Location_Enrichment" which is setup to link three locations via Join Relations and then create "Containment" type relationships between the three.
When I run the Calculate Query Result button, it shows that the Join relationships link things correctly. However, when I click the Additions Count option, it shows 0 relationships being created.
We have other Enrichments that are similar (although different CI types) where this works fine, so I am not sure why this one does not work.
I will attach an expor tof the Enrichment rule and screenshots of the query and calculations.


Customer was tring to create some relationship between 3 Location CItype, but it was creation circular relationships, so the Enrichment rule fails.