HP Network Node Manager i Software (NNMi) Device Support Matrix

Software Version: 9.24
Last Updated: April 03, 2014

This document provides an overview of the SNMP MIBs and network devices supported in HP Network Node Manager i Software version 9.20. For the latest updates to this information, see sg-pro-ovweb.austin.hp.com/nnm/NNM9.20/devicematrix.htm.

This document is intended to augment the HP Network Node Manager i Software (NNMi) Support Matrix. You can find both the Software Support Matrix (supportmatrix_en.html) and the Release Notes (releasenotes_en.html) at the root directory of the installation media or under the Help --> NNMi Documentation Library --> Release Notes menu in the NNMi console (user interface).

    New in this Version
        NNMi 9.20 Patch 4
        NNMi 9.20 Patch 3
        NNMi 9.20 Patch 2
        NNMi 9.20 Patch 1
        NNMi 9.20.000
    Supported SNMP MIBs
    Supported Devices
    Known Limitations
        General Discovery
        Layer 2 Connectivity
        Device-specific Issues

ATTENTION: If a specific device model is not explicitly listed in Supported Devices, refer to Supported SNMP MIBs to determine whether you can expect the device to be properly discovered and monitored. For example, many devices that implement the Standard SNMP MIBs or are a new device model in an already supported product line are managed perfectly well by NNMi, even though that model is not yet listed here. To request that HP validate or add support for a specific device model, contact your HP support representative to provide the necessary information.

New in This Version

NNMi 9.20 Patch 4

New Device Support:

Device Certifications:

NNMi 9.20 Patch 3

New Device Support:

Device Certifications:

Plus, all new device support/certification from NNMi 9.1x Patch 5:

NNMi 9.20 Patch 2

New Device Support:

Device Certifications:

NNMi 9.20 Patch 1

This section summarizes device support introduced in the specified NNMi version. 

New Device Support:

Device Certifications:

Plus, all new device support/certification from NNMi 9.1x Patch 4:

NNMi 9.20.000

This section summarizes device support introduced in the specified NNMi version. 

New Device Support:

Plus, all new device support/certification from NNMi 9.1x Patches 1, 2 and 3:

Supported SNMP MIBs

The section contains a summary of the Standard and Vendor-specific SNMP MIBs supported by NNMi. To determine if your device also supports the relevant MIBs, consult your equipment vendor documentation or use Actions  → List Supported MIBs in the NNMi Console for the selected node. Note, you may need to load the relevant MIBs into NNMi to produce a complete listing for the selected node.

You can usually expect the device to be properly discovered and monitored by NNMi as long as the device supports either the Standard or relevant Vendor-specific MIBs specified for the associated NNMi feature. There are exceptions, of course, where a device vendor only implements a portion of a listed MIB; thereby limiting the ability for NNMi to support the associated feature for that device.   The Standard MIBs are supported by NNMi for all devices that implement those MIBs. The Vendor-specific MIBs are only supported by NNMi for specific device families (filtered by SNMP sysObjectID) from that equipment vendor. In most cases, the vendor-specific filters are quite broad, so most device models from that vendor are included.

Where one or more of the Standard MIBs is known to be supported by a listed vendor, the notation "(Std)" is included under that Vendor section. If your equipment vendor is not listed here, then refer only to the Standard MIBs section.

NOTE: Features (columns) denoted with "NNMi Advanced only" require a valid NNMi Advanced license be installed for the those features and device support to be available.

Basic IPv4
Discovery &
Layer 2
Node Components
(CPU Mem Buf
Fan Pwr Volt Temp)

NNMi Advanced only

NNMi Advanced only

NNMi Advanced only
Card Card Redundancy Group Port
Standard MIBs           
 IETF MIB-II (rfc 1213)IETF-BRIDGE (rfc 4188, 1493)IETF-Q-BRIDGE (rfc 4363, 2674)IETF-HR (rfc 2790) IEEE-LAGIETF-VRRP (rfc 2787)IP-MIB (rfc4293)    
 IETF IF-MIB (rfc 2863, 2233, 1573)IETF-Q-BRIDGE (rfc 4363, 2674)    IPv6-MIB (rfc2465)    
 IETF IP-MIB (rfc 2011)IEEE-LLDP         
 IETF EtherLike-MIB          
 IIETF DS1-MIB          
 IETF DS3-MIB          
 IETF SONET-MIB          
Acme Packet           
 (Std)AX-LLDP(Std)AX-7800-DEVICE IEEE-LAG(Std)IPv6-MIB (rfc2465)    
  (std) AX-6700-DEVICE       
 (Std)AVAYA-CONFIG(Std)Utilization Management MIB   CONFIG-MIB   
  (Std-Bridge, Q-Bridge) G700-MG-MIB       
 (Std)  SENSOR-MIB       
 (Std)  (Std)        
C&D Technologies(Sageon)           
"Corero Network Security Inc"           
 (Std)  TOPLAYER-MIB     (Std) 
 (Std)CTRON-CDP-MIB (ENDP)(Std)        
  (Std - Bridge, Q-Bridge)         
  (Std - Bridge, Q-Bridge) EXTREME-SOFTWARE-MONITOR-MIB       
Marconi(Fore Systems)           
 (Std)  F5-BIGIP-SYSTEM-MIB       
 (Std)  TMS-MIB       
 (Std)  FORTINET-MIB-280       
HP 3COM (Legacy)           
HP 3COM (Rebranded H3C)           
HP H3C           
HP ProCurve           
HP TippingPoint           
 (Std)  TPT-RESOURCE       
HP Virtual Connect           
 (Std)(Std - Bridge)         
HP MSM           
HP Arcsight           
 (Std)  ArcsightModule       
 (Std)  (Std)       
 (Std)(Std)(Std)Juniper Netscreen MIB (Std)IPv6-MIB (rfc2465)  IF-MIB 
    Juniper MIB       
MRV Communication           
 (Std)  CPQHLTH-MIB       
 (Std)  (Std)  (Std)  ENTITY-MIB ENTITY-MIB 
 RAPID-CITY(Std)(Std)RAPID-CITY (Passport-only)RAPID-CITY (Passport-only)(Std) RAPID-CITY (Passport-only)   
Nortel Centillion           
One Access           
  (Std) ONEACCESS-SYS-MIB     (Std) 
 (Std)  RADWARE-MIB (Std)     
Redback Networks           
 (Std)  RBN-CPU-METER-MIB (Std)     
 (Std)  STEELHEAD-MIB     (Std) 
Ruijie Networks           
 (Std)  TELDAT-MON-CPU-MIB       
 (Std)  TRANSMODE1100   TRANSMODE1100   
 (Std)  VENUS-USG-MIB       
Zhone Technologies           
 (Std)  ZXR10-MIB (Std) ZXR10-MIB ZXR10-MIB 

Supported Devices

The device support information in this section is based on the latest information available to HP at the time of publication. Note that device vendors can at any time alter a device's MIB usage (for example, in newer system software versions) and invalidate NNM's interpretation of that device's MIB data.

ATTENTION: If a specific device vendor, model or NNMi feature is not explicitly listed in this section, refer to Supported SNMP MIBs to determine whether you can expect the device to be properly discovered and monitored. For example, many devices that implement the Standard SNMP MIBs or are a new device model in an already supported product line are managed perfectly well by NNMi, even though that specific model (sysObjectID) is not yet listed here.

A10 Networks Acme Packet ADVA Aerohive AlaxalA
Alcatel Allied Telesis Alvarion American Power Conversion Arbor
Arista ARRIS Avaya BlueCat Blue Coat
Brocade Canoga Perkins Cayman CheckPoint (Nokia) Cisco
C&D Technologies Citrix Crossbeam Cyclades Dell
Digi D-Link EMC Enterasys Extreme
F5 FireEye Force10 Fortinet Foundry
Gigamon Hitachi Hirschmann HP HP (3Com)
Huawei IBM Iolan Infoblox Ingrasys
Isilon Itron Juniper Lantronix Liebert
Marconi (Fore) Meru Networks Microsens Microsoft Motorola
MRV Communication NET NetApp NetSNMP Nomadix
Nortel OneAccess Opengear Palo Alto Perle IOLAN
Radware Redback Rittal Riverbed Riverstone
Ruijie Networks Sun Teldat Tripplite Transmode
Venus Verso VMWare Vnetek XKL
ZTE ZhoneTech

Vendor Family Model Agent's SNMP sysObjectID Basic IP Discovery & Monitoring Layer 2 Connectivity VLAN
A10 NetworksTop of Table     
A10 NetworksA10 advanced traffic manager productsa10AX51001.  
A10 NetworksA10 advanced traffic manager productsa10AX26001.  
Acme PacketTop of Table     
Acme PacketAcme Packet NN3000apNetNet38001.  
Acme PacketAcme Packet NN4000apNetNet42501.  
Acme PacketAcme Packet NN4000apNetNet45001.  
Acme PacketAcme Packet NN9000apNetNet92001.  
ADVATop of Table     
ADVAADVA Optical NetworkingadvaFiberService20001.  
ADVAADVA Optical NetworkingadvaFiberServiceF71.  
AerohiveTop of Table     
AerohiveAerohive wireless access pointshiveAP3301.  
AlaxalATop of Table     
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX7800R Series RouterAX7800R1.  
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX7700R Series RouterAX7700R1.  
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX2000R Series RouterAX2000R1.  
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX7800S Series SwitchAX7800S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX6700S Series SwitchAX6700S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX6300S Series SwitchAX6300S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX5400S Series SwitchAX5400S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX3600S Series SwitchAX3600S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX3600S Series SwitchAX3650S1. VLAN
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX3600S Series SwitchAX3600S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX2500S Series SwitchAX2530S1. VLAN
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX2400S Series SwitchAX2400S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX1200S Series SwitchAX1200S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX6600S SeriesAX6600S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX3600S Series SwitchAX3650S1.
AlaxalAAlaxalA AX2500S Series SwitchAX2530S1.
AlcatelTop of Table     
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel SwitchesAlcatelDSLAM1.  
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniPCX Enterprise Communication serverOmni PCX  
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OMNI SwitchesAlcatelAP24001.  
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmniswitch1. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmniswitch1. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmnistack1. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 7000OmniSwitch 77001.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 7000OmniSwitch 78001.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 8000OmniSwitch 88001.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6600OmniSwitch 66241. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6600 OmniSwitch 66481. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6600 OmniSwitch 6602- 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6600 OmniSwitch 6602-481. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6600 OmniSwitch 66024POE1. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6800OmniSwitch 6800- 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6800OmniSwitch 6800-481. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6800OmniSwitch 6800-U241. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6800OmniSwitch 6800-24L1. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6800OmniSwitch 6800-48L1. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6850 OmniSwitch 6850-
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6850 OmniSwitch 6850-24X1.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6850 OmniSwitch 6850-481.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6850 OmniSwitch 6850-P481.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6850 OmniSwitch 6850-U24X1.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 9000OmniSwitch 97001.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 9000OmniSwitch 98001.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 9000OmniSwitch 96001.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 9000 OmniSwitch 96161.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 9000 OmniSwitch 9800E-CFM1.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmniswitch 6250-
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmniswitch 6250-P241.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmniswitch 6400-
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmniswitch 6400-P241.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmniswitch 6400-U241.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmniswitch 6400-DU241.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitchOmniswitch 6400-481.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniAccess 200OmniAccess 2101.  
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniAccess 200OmniAccess 2501.  
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniStack 6300OmniStack 6300- 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6855OmniSwitch6855141.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6855OmniSwitch6855U101.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6855OmniSwitch6855241.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6855OmniSwitch6855U241.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniSwitch 6855OmniSwitch6855U24X1.
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniAccess PointOmniAccessPoint 8001.  
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel OmniAccess PointOmniAccessPoint 60001.  
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel 7705 Service Routeralcatel7705SAR-  
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel 7750 Ethernet Service SwitchAlcatel 7750-SR121. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel 7750 Ethernet Service SwitchAlcatel 7750SR71. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel 7750 Ethernet Service SwitchAlcatel 7750SRc121. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel 7450 Ethernet Service SwitchAlcatel 7450-ESS11. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel 7450 Ethernet Service SwitchAlcatel 7450-ESS71. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel 7210 Ethernet Service SwitchAlcatel 7210-SAS-E1. 
Alcatel-LucentAlcatel 7250 Ethernet Services SwitchAlcatel 7250-SAS1.  
Allied TelesisTop of Table     
Allied TelesisAllied TelesisalliedAT-8000S1. 
Allied TelesisAllied TelesisalliedAT-8350GB1. 
Allied TelesisAllied TelesisalliedAT-x900-24XS.
Allied TelesisAllied TelesisalliedAT-x900-12XT/S.
Allied TelesisAllied TelesisalliedAT-8524POE.
Allied TelesisAllied TelesisalliedAT-9924Ts.
Allied TelesisAllied TelesisalliedAT-9924SP.
AlvarionTop of Table     
AlvarionBreezeNET BbrzNetB-RB-B14. 
American Power ConversionTop of Table     
American Power ConversionAPC NetBotzAPC NetBotz 5001.  
American Power ConversionAPC NetBotzAPC NetBotz 420 Wall1.  
American Power ConversionAPC NetBotzAPC NetBotz 420 Rack1.  
American Power ConversionAPC NetBotzAPC NetBotz 320 Wall1.  
American Power ConversionAPC NetBotzAPC NetBotz 320 Rack1.  
American Power ConversionAPC NetBotzAPC NetBotz 420E Rack1.  
American Power ConversionAPC NetBotzAPC NetBotz 320E Rack1.  
American Power ConversionAPC NetBotzAPC NetBotz 420E Wall1.  
American Power ConversionAPC NetBotzAPC NetBotz 320E Wall1.  
ArborTop of Table     
ArborArbor PeakflowarborSP55001.  
AristaTop of Table     
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7124S1.  
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7148SX1.
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7148S1.  
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7120T4S1.  
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7140T8S1.  
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7048T4S1.  
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS75081.  
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS75041.  
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7124SX1.
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7048TA1.
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7050S521.  
AristaArista DCSaristaDCS7050S641.  
ARRISTop of Table     
AvayaTop of Table     
AvayaAvaya DEFINITYG350 Media Gateway1.
AvayaAvaya DEFINITYG430 Media Gateway1. 
AvayaAvaya DEFINITYG450 Media Gateway1. 
AvayaAvaya DEFINITYG700 Media Gateway1. 
AvayaAvaya DEFINITYS8300 Media Server1. 
AvayaAvaya DEFINITYS8700 Media Server1. 
AvayaAvayaCajun P3301. VLAN
AvayaAvayaCajun P332G-ML1.
AvayaAvayaCajun P333T1.
AvayaAvaya (Nortel) VSPavayaVSP90121. 
BlueCatTop of Table     
BlueCatBlueCat Proteus IPAMProteusVM1.  
Blue CoatTop of Table     
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper14001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper15001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper15501. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper17001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper25001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper25501. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper35001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper45001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper65001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper75001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper85001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper95001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat (Packeteer) PacketShaperpacketshaper100001. 
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxySGbluecoatsgme1.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxySGbluecoatsgme8101.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxyAVbluecoatAV8101.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxyAVbluecoatAV5101.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxySGbluecoatsg2001.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxySGbluecoatsg4001.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxySGbluecoatsg8101.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxySGbluecoatsg2101.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxySGbluecoatsg8001.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxySGbluecoatsg5101.  
Blue CoatBlue Coat ProxySGbluecoatsg81001.  
BrocadeTop of Table     
BrocadeBrocade McDatabrocadeMcDataef-60001.  
BrocadeBrocade SAN Switchesbrocade2109-F161.  
BrocadeBrocade FibreChannel SwitchesbrocadeSwitch1.  
BrocadeBrocade Access GatewayAccessGateway1.  
BrocadeBrocade VDX SwitchbrocadeVDX6720-601.  
BrocadeBrocade VDX SwitchbrocadeVDX67101. VLAN
Canoga PerkinsTop of Table     
Canoga PerkinsCanoga Perkins 9100cp91451.  
Canoga PerkinsCanoga Perkins 9100cp9145E1.  
Canoga PerkinsCanoga Perkins 9100cp91601.
Canoga PerkinsCanoga Perkins 9100cp91611.
Canoga PerkinsCanoga Perkinscp2U1502-20001.  
Canoga PerkinsCanoga Perkins UCScpChassis1.  
Canoga PerkinsCanoga Perkins L300 ESUcpL3511.  
CaymanTop of Table     
CaymanCayman GatorcaymanGator1.  
CheckPoint (Nokia)Top of Table     
CheckPointCheckPoint GenericCheckPoint Generic1.  
CheckPointCheckPoint FW-1FW-1 (netSNMP linux agent)  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP2601.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP2901.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP3001.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP3501.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP3801.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP3901.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP3XX1.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP4401.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP5301.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP5601.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP6501.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP6901.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP7101.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP7401.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP12201.  
CheckPointCheckPoint (Nokia) IP FirewallsIP12801.  
CiscoTop of Table     
CiscoCisco Aironet Access Point SeriesciscoAIRAP11001. 
CiscoCisco Aironet Access Point SeriesciscoAIRAP11301. 
CIscoCisco Service ModulesciscoIDSIDSM21.  
CiscoCisco Aironet Access Point SeriesciscoAIRAP1242AG-A-K91. 
CiscoCisco Aironet Access Point SeriesciscoAIRBR13001. 
CiscoCisco Aironet Access Point SeriesciscoAIRAP12001. 
CiscoCisco Aironet Access Point SeriesciscoAIR-AP1231G-A-K91. 
CiscoCisco Aironet Access Point SeriesCiscoAIR AP3G1-K9W7-M1. 
CiscoCisco ME 3600 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesciscoMe3600x24fsM1.
CiscoCisco ME 3800 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesciscoMe3800x24fsM1. 
CiscoCisco Aironet Access Point SeriesciscoAIRAP11421. 
CiscoCisco ASR 9000 SeriesCiscoASR90101. 
CiscoCisco ASR 9000 SeriesCiscoASR90061. 
CiscoCisco ASR 9000 SeriesCiscoASR90011. 
CiscoCisco ASR 9000 SeriesciscoASR99221. 
Cisco Cisco IGX 8400 Series SwitchesciscoIGX84201.  
Cisco Cisco IGX 8400 Series SwitchesciscoIGX84301.  
CiscoCisco BPX 8600 Series SwitchesciscoBPX86201.  
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco8031.  
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco8281.  
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco8311.  
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco8761.  
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco8771.  
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco8781.  
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco881G1. 
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco886Va1. 
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco8921. 
CiscoCisco 1000 Series Access Routerscisco10031. 
CiscoCisco 1200 Series Routerscisco12501. 
CiscoCisco 800 Series Access Routerscisco877M1.
CiscoCisco 1600 Series Access Routerscisco16011.  
CiscoCisco 1600 Series Access Routerscisco16031.  
CiscoCisco 1600 Series Access Routerscisco16051. 
CiscoCisco SOHO Series RoutersciscoSOHO911.  
Cisco1701 ADSL Security Access Routercisco1701ADSLBRI1. 
Cisco1700 Series Modular Access Routerscisco1710VPNM/K91.  
Cisco1700 Series Modular Access Routerscisco17111.  
Cisco1700 Series Modular Access Routerscisco17121.  
Cisco1700 Series Modular Access Routerscisco17211.  
Cisco1700 Series Modular Access Routerscisco17501. 
Cisco1700 Series Modular Access Routerscisco1760(V)  
Cisco1700 Series Modular Access Routerscisco17511.  
Cisco1720 Modular Access Router1720VPN1.  
CiscoCisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routercisco18011. 
CiscoCisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routercisco18031.  
CiscoCisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routercisco18111.  
CiscoCisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routercisco18121. 
CiscoCisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routercisco18411. 
CiscoCisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers1921/K91. 
CiscoCisco 2400 Integrated Access Devicecisco2431Iad1T1E11.  
Cisco2500 Series Routers25001. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25011. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25021. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25031. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25041. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25051. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25061. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25071. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25081. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25091. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25101. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25111. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25121. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25131. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25141. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25151. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25161. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25171. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25181. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25191. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25201. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25211. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25221. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25231. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25241. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers25251. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers2501FRADFX1. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers2501LANFRADFX1. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers2502LANFRADFX1. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers2509RJ1. 
Cisco2500 Series Routers2511RJ1. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro2500PCE1. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25011. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25021. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25031. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25041. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25051. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25061. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25071. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25081. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25091. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25101. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25111. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25121. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25131. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25141. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25151. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25161. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25171. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25181. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25191. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25221. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25231. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25241. 
Cisco2500 Series RoutersPro25251. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform26101. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform26111. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform26121. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform26131. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform26201. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform26211. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform26501. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform26511. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform2691 IPv4L2 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform2610M 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform2610XM1. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform2611M 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform2611XM 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform2620XM1. 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform2621XM 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform2650XM 
Cisco2600 Series Multiservice Platform2651XM 
Cisco2600 Series Modular Access Routerscisco26911. 
Cisco2800 Series Routerscisco28011. 
Cisco2800 Series Multiservice Platform28111. 
Cisco2800 Series Multiservice Platform28211. 
Cisco2800 Series Multiservice Platform28511. 
Cisco2900 Series Integrated Services Routerscisco29211. 
Cisco2900 Series Integrated Services Routerscisco29111. 
Cisco2900 Series Integrated Services Routerscisco29511. 
Cisco2900 Series Mobile Wireless RouterMWR 2941DC1. 
Cisco2900 Series Mobile Wireless RouterMWR 2941DCA1. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice Platform36201. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice Platform36401. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice Platform36601. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice Platform3662Ac1. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice PlatformSC36401. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice Platform3661Ac1. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice Platform3661Dc1. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice Platform3662AcCo1. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice Platform3662Dc1. 
Cisco3600 Series Multiservice Platform3662DcCo1. 
Cisco3700 Series Multiservice Router37251.
Cisco3700 Series Multiservice Router37451.
Cisco3800 Series Integrated Services RoutersC3825-ENTSERVICESK9-M1.
Cisco3800 Series Integrated Services Routers38451. 
Cisco3900 series Integrated Services Routers39451. 
Cisco3900 Series Integrated Services Routers39251. 
Cisco4000M Series Routers40001. 
Cisco4000M Series Routers45001. 
Cisco4000M Series Routers47001. 
Cisco4000M Series RoutersPro45001. 
Cisco4000M Series RoutersPro47001. 
Cisco6000 Series IP DSL Switches60151. 
Cisco6000 Series IP DSL Switches61601. 
Cisco6000 Series IP DSL Switches62601. 
Cisco6400 Series Broadband Aggregators6400Nrp1. 
Cisco7000 Series Routers70001. 
Cisco7000 Series Routers70101. 
Cisco7200 Series Routers72011. 
Cisco7200 Series Routers72021. 
Cisco7200 Series Routers72041. 
Cisco7200 Series Routers72061. 
Cisco7200 Series Routers7204VXR1. 
Cisco7200 Series Routers7206VXR 
CiscoCisco 7300 Series Routerscisco73011. 
CiscoCisco 7300 Series Routerscisco73041. 
Cisco7500 Series Routers75051. 
Cisco7500 Series Routers75061. 
Cisco7500 Series Routers75071. 
Cisco7500 Series Routers75131. 
Cisco7500 Series Routers75761. 
Cisco7500 Series Routers7507mx1. 
Cisco7500 Series Routers7507z1. 
Cisco7500 Series Routers7513mx1. 
Cisco7500 Series Routers7513z1. 
CiscoCisco 7600 Series Routerscisco76031.
CiscoCisco 7600 Series Routerscisco76041. 
CiscoCisco 7600 Series Routerscisco76061.
CiscoCisco 7600 Series Routerscisco7606s1.  
CiscoCisco 7600 Series Routerscisco76091.
CiscoCisco 7600 Series Routerscisco7609s1.
CiscoCisco 7800 Series Media Convergence ServersciscoMCS7835H1.  
CiscoCisco 7800 Series Media Convergence ServersciscoMCS7845H1.  
Cisco10000 Series Routerscisco104001. 
Cisco10000 Series Routerscisco100051. 
Cisco10000 Series Routerscisco100081. 
Cisco10000 Series Routerscisco10008 ESR1.  
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco128161.
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco124161.
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco124101.
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco124061. 
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco124041. 
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco120161. 
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco120121. 
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco120101. 
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco120081. 
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco120061. 
Cisco12000 Series Routerscisco120041. 
CiscoCisco EtherSwitch 1200 SeriesWSC12001.
CiscoCatalyst 1900 Series Switches19241.
CiscoCatalyst 1900 Series Switches1900c1.
CiscoCatalyst 1900 Series Switches1900i1.
CiscoCatalyst 1900 Series Switches1912C1.
CiscoCatalyst 1900 Series Switchescpw19001.
CiscoCatalyst 1900 Series Switcheswsc1900LiteFx1.
CiscoCatalyst 2800 Series Switches28281.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series Switches29001.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series Switches29261.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series Switches2948G1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series Switches2948gL31.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series Switches2948gL3Dc1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series Switches2980G1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series Switches2980G-A1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series Switches2948G-GE-TX1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series SwitchesCat29xxStack1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 Series XL Switches2908XL1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 XL Series Switches2912LREXL1. 
CiscoCatalyst 2900 XL Series Switches2912MF-XL1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 XL Series Switches2912XL1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 XL Series Switches2916M-XL1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 XL Series Switches2924CXL
CiscoCatalyst 2900 XL Series Switches2924C-XL-V1.
CiscoCatalyst 2900 XL Series Switches2924M-XL
CiscoCatalyst 2900 XL Series Switches2924XL
CiscoCatalyst 2900 XL Series Switches2924XL-V1.
CiscoCatalyst 2940 Series SwitchesciscoCat29408TF1.
CiscoCatalyst 2940 Series SwitchesciscoCat29408TT1.
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series Switches2950-
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series Switches2950-
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series Switches2950C-
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series Switches2950G-
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series Switches2950G-
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series Switches2950G-24-DC1.
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series Switches2950G-481.
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series Switches2950T-
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series Switches29551.
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series SwitchesciscoCat295024SX1.
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series SwitchesciscoCat295048SX1.
CiscoCatalyst 2950 Series SwitchesciscoCat295048T1.
CiscoCatalyst 2955 Series SwitchesciscoCat2955C121.
CiscoCatalyst 2955 Series SwitchesciscoCat2955S121.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat2960-
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat296024S1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat296024TCS1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat2960-24TT1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat2960-481.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat2960-48PSTL1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat296048TCS1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat2960-48TT1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat296048TTS1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat29608TC1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat2960G-
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat2960G-481.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat2960G8TC1. 
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series Switches2960-LANBASE-M1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series Switches2960-24LT1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960 Series SwitchesciscoCat2960S-24TS1.
CiscoCatalyst 2960-C Series Compact Switchescisco2960C-12PC-L1.
CiscoCatalyst 2970 Series SwitchesciscoCat2970241.
CiscoCatalyst 2970 Series SwitchesciscoCat297024TS1.
CiscoCatalyst 2975 Series SwitchesC2975Stack1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 Series30011.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 Series31001.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 Series32001.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesciscoWs3020Hpq1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesWS-CBS3110G-S1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesWS-CBS3110X-S1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesCBS3110-STACK1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesWS-CBS3120X-S1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesCBS3120-STACK1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesWS-CBS3130G-S1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesCBS3130-STACK1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesWS-CBS3130X-S1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesWS-CBS3130G-S1.
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 3000 SeriesciscoCat30121.
CiscoCatalyst 3500 Series XL Switches3500XL1.
CiscoCatalyst 3500 Series XL Switches3508G-XL
CiscoCatalyst 3500 Series XL Switches3512XL
CiscoCatalyst 3500 Series XL Switches3524tXLEn
CiscoCatalyst 3500 Series XL Switches3524XL
CiscoCatalyst 3500 Series XL Switches3548XL
CiscoCatalyst 3550 Series Switches 3550-12T1.
CiscoCatalyst 3550 Series Switches 3550-
CiscoCatalyst 3550 Series Switches 3550-24-DC1.
CiscoCatalyst 3550 Series Switches 3550-24-Mmf1.
CiscoCatalyst 3550 Series Switches 3550-481.
CiscoCatalyst 3550 Series SwitchesciscoCat355024PWR1.
CiscoCatalyst 3550 Series XL Switches3550-12G1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series Switches3560-24PS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series Switches3560-48PS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series Switchescisco3560-24TS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series Switchescisco3560-48TS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series Switchescisco3560G-24PS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series Switchescisco3560G-24TS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series Switchescisco3560G-48PS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series Switchescisco3560G-48TS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series SwitchesciscoCat3560-12PCS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series SwitchesciscoCat35608PC1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series SwitchesciscoCat3560E24PD1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series SwitchesciscoCat3560E24TD1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series SwitchesciscoCat3560E48PD1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series SwitchesciscoCat3560E48TD1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series SwitchesciscoCat3560v224ps1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series SwitchesciscoCat3560v248ps1.
CiscoCatalyst 3560 Series SwitchesciscoCat3560x241.
CiscoCatalyst 3750 Series Switches3750241.
CiscoCatalyst 3750 Series Switches3750481.
CiscoCatalyst 3750 Series Switches375024TS1.
CiscoCatalyst 3750 Series Switches375024T1.
CiscoCatalyst 3750 Series SwitchesciscoCat375024ME1.
CiscoCatalyst 3750 Series SwitchesciscoCat37xxStack1.
CiscoCatalyst 3750 Series SwitchesciscoWsC3750g24ps1. 
CiscoCisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switchescat385048P1.
CiscoCatalyst 3900 Series Token Ring Switchescisco39001.  
CiscoCatalyst 3900 Series Token Ring Switchescisco39201.  
CiscoCatalyst 4000 Series Switchesciscocat40061.
CiscoCatalyst 4000 Series Switchesciscocat49908gL31. 
CiscoCatalyst 4000 Series Switches40031.
CiscoCatalyst 4000 Series Switches40061.
CiscoCatalyst 4000 Series Switches4232L31.
CiscoCatalyst 4000 Series Switches4908G-L3  IPv4L2VLAN
CiscoCatalyst 4000 Series Switches4912G1.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches40001.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches45001.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches45061.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches4506e1.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches45071.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches4507re1.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches45101.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches4510re1.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches45031.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switches4503e1.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series Switchescisco4506-Sup1.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series SwitchesciscoCat4507rpluse1.
CiscoCatalyst 4500 Series SwitchesciscoCat4510rpluse1.
CiscoCatalyst 4900 Series Switchescisco4900M1.
CiscoCatalyst 4900 series switchesciscoCat49481.
CiscoCatalyst 4900 series switchesciscoCat494810GE1.
CiscoCatalyst 5000 Series Switches50001.
CiscoCatalyst 5000 Series Switches50021.
CiscoCatalyst 5000 Series Switches (RSM)WS-X53021.
CiscoCatalyst 5500 Series Switches 55001.
CiscoCatalyst 5500 Series Switches 55051.
CiscoCatalyst 5500 Series Switches 55091.
CiscoCatalyst 6000 Series Switches60001.
CiscoCatalyst 6000 Series Switchesciscocat60061.
CiscoCatalyst 6000 Series Switches62001.
CiscoCatalyst 6000 Series Switches6400NSP1.
CiscoCatalyst 6000 Series SwitchesWS-C60061.
CiscoCatalyst 6000 Series SwitchesWS-C60091.
CiscoCatalyst 6000 Series Switches (MSFC)WS-F6KMSFC1.
CiscoCatalyst 6000 Series Switches (MSFC)WS-F6K-MSFC21.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switches6504E1. 
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switch65061.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switches65061.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switch65091.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switches65091.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switches6509-VSS1.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switch65131.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switch65131.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switch6510neb1.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series SwitchesciscoWSC6509ve1.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switchescisco65031.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 SSL SMciscocat6500SslSm1.  
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series Switchesciscocat6509Sp1.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series SwitchesciscoCat6kSup7201. 
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series SwitchesciscoWSC65031.
CiscoCatalyst 6500 Series SwitchesciscoWSC6504E1.
CiscoCatalyst 8500 Series Multiservice Switch Routers85101. 
CiscoCatalyst 8500 Series Multiservice Switch Routers85151. 
CiscoCatalyst 8500 Series Multiservice Switch Routers85401. 
CiscoCatalyst 8500 Series Multiservice Switch Routers8510MSR 
CiscoCatalyst 8500 Series Multiservice Switch Routers8515MSR 
CiscoCatalyst 8500 Series Multiservice Switch Routers8540MSR 
CiscoLightStream ATM SwitchLS1010
CiscoLightStream ATM SwitchLS10151.
CiscoME 3400 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesciscoMe3400g12CsA1.
CiscoME 3400 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesciscoMe3400g12CsD1.
CiscoME 3400 Series Ethernet Access Switchescisco340024TSD1.
CiscoME 3400 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesME 3400-24TS-A
CiscoME 3400 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesME 3400-24FS-A Switch1.
CiscoME 3400 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesME 3400EG-2CS-A Switch1.
CiscoME 3400 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesME 3400EG-12CS-M Switch
CiscoME 3400 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesME 3400E-24TS-M Switch
CiscoME 3400 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesciscoMe3400g2csA1.
CiscoME 3600 Series Ethernet Access SwitchesciscoMe3600x24tsM1. 
CiscoMGX 8800 Series SwitchesMGX 8830 
CiscoMGX 8800 Series SwitchesMGX 8850 
CiscoMGX 8800 Series SwitchesMGX 88601. 
CiscoCisco MXE 5000 SeriesMXE56001.  
CiscoSN 5420 Storage RouterSN 5420 IPv4L2 
CiscouBR7200 Series Broadband RoutersUBR71111. 
CiscouBR7200 Series Broadband RoutersUBR71141. 
CiscouBR7200 Series Broadband RoutersUBR72231. 
CiscouBR7200 Series Broadband RoutersUBR72461. 
CiscouBR7200 Series Broadband RoutersUBR7246VXR1. 
CiscoCisco AS500 Access ServersAS5001. 
CiscoCisco AS5200 Universal GatewayAS5200 
CiscoCisco AS5300 Universal GatewayAS5300 
CiscoCisco AS5300 Universal GatewayAS53501. 
CiscoCisco AS5300 Universal GatewayAs5350XM1. 
CiscoCisco AS5400 Universal GatewayAS54001. 
CiscoCisco AS5400 Universal GatewayAS5400XM1. 
CiscoCisco AS5800 Universal GatewayAS58001. 
CiscoCisco AS5800 Universal GatewayAS58501. 
CiscoMDS 9000 SAN SwitchesMDS95061. 
CiscoMDS 9000 SAN SwitchesMDS95091. 
CiscoMDS 9000 SAN SwitchesMDS95131. 
CiscoCisco Nexus 7000 Series SwitchesNexus C70101.
CiscoCisco Nexus 7000 Series SwitchesNexus C70181.
CiscoCisco Nexus 5000 Series SwitchesNexus C5020P-BF1.
CiscoCisco Nexus 5000 Series SwitchesNexus C5020P-BD1.
CiscoCisco Nexus 5000 Series SwitchesNexus C5010P-BF1.
CiscoCisco Nexus 5000 Series SwitchesNexus C5548P1.
CiscoCisco Nexus 4000 Series SwitchesNexus 4001I1. 
CiscoCisco Nexus 3000 Series SwitchesNexus C3048TP-1GE1. IPv4 VLAN
CiscoCisco Nexus 4000 Series SwitchesNexus 4005I1. 
CiscoCisco Nexus 2000 Series SwitchesNexus C2148T-1GE1. 
CiscoCisco Nexus 1000 Series SwitchesNexus 1000V1. 
CiscoUCS 6100 Series SwitchesUCS6140XP1. 
CiscoCisco Nexus 1000 Series SwitchesNexus 1010V1. 
CiscoCisco Nexus 5000 Series SwitchesNexus 5596UP1. 
CiscoCisco Nexus 5000 Series SwitchesNexus 5548UP1. 
CiscoCisco ONS 15400 Series SwitchesciscoONS154541.  
CiscoCisco ONS 15500 Series SwitchesciscoONS15530NEBS1. 
CiscoCisco ONS 15500 Series SwitchesciscoONS15540ESPx1. 
CiscoCisco Optimization EnginesciscoOe512K91. 
CiscoCisco Optimization EnginesciscoOe6741. 
CiscoCisco CRS1 Series CRS1/8S1. 
CiscoCisco CRS1 Series CRS1/16S1. 
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA55051.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA55101.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA5510sc1.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA55201.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA55401.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA5540sc1.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA55501.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA5550sc1.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA55801.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesASA5585Ssp201.  
CiscoCisco ASA 5500 SeriesciscoASA55121.  
CiscoCisco FWSMWsSvcFwm1sc  
CiscoCisco FWSMciscocat6500FirewallSm1.  
CiscoCisco PIX 500 Series FirewallsciscoPIXFirewall5061.  
CiscoCisco PIX 500 Series FirewallsciscoPIXFirewall506E1.  
CiscoCisco PIX 500 Series FirewallsciscoPIXFirewall5151.  
CiscoCisco PIX 500 Series FirewallsciscoPIXFirewall515E1.  
CiscoCisco PIX 500 Series FirewallsciscoPIXFirewall515sc1.  
CiscoCisco PIX 500 Series FirewallsciscoPIXFirewall5251.  
CiscoCisco PIX 500 Series FirewallsciscoPIXFirewall525sc1.  
CiscoCisco PIX 500 Series FirewallsciscoPIXFirewall5351.  
CiscoCisco CSS 11000 Series Content Services Switch CSS115011.
CiscoCisco CSS 11000 Series Content Services Switch CSS115061.
CiscoCisco CSS 11000 Series Content Services Switch CSS115031.
CiscoCisco Intrusion Protection SystemsciscoIPS42401.  
CiscoCisco Intrusion Protection SystemsciscoIPS42551.  
CiscoCisco Intrusion Protection SystemsciscoIPS42601.  
CiscoCisco Intrusion Protection SystemsciscoIPSSSM101.  
CiscoCisco IronPort ciscoIronPortM6501.  
CiscoCisco IronportciscoIronPortM6601.  
CiscoCisco IronPortciscoIronPortS6601.  
CiscoCisco Network Analysis ModuleciscoWS-SVC-NAM-  
CiscoCisco Network Analysis ModuleciscoWS-SVC-NAM-  
CiscoCisco DPA 7600 Series GatewaysciscoDPA76101. 
CiscoCisco Global Site Selector PlatformsciscoGSS44901.  
CiscoCisco IGESM Switch ModuleciscoIGESM1.
CiscoCisco VG200 Gateway RoutersciscoVG2241. 
CiscoCisco VG200 Gateway RoutersciscoVG2481. 
CiscoCisco VPN 3000 Series ConcentratorsciscoVPN30001.  
CiscoCisco VPN 3000 Series ConcentratorsciscoVPN3002.  
CiscoCisco VPN 3000 Series ConcentratorsciscoVPN30051.  
CiscoCisco Wireless LAN SolutionciscoWsSvcWLAN1K91.  
CiscoCisco Wireless LAN Solutioncisco5500Wlc1. 
CiscoCisco Wireless LAN SolutionciscoWLC4402- 
CiscoCisco Wireless LAN SolutionciscoAirspaceWiSM1. 
CiscoCisco Secure Access Control SystemciscoSACS1.  
CiscoCisco ACEACE1.  
CiscoCisco ACEACE47101.  
CiscoCisco ASR 900 SeriesASR9031. 
CiscoCisco ASR 900 SeriesASR9011. 
CiscoCisco ASR 900 SeriesCiscoASR901TenGigDCE1. 
CiscoCisco ASR 1000 seriesASR1002-X1.  
CiscoCisco ASRASR10011.  
CiscoCisco ASRASR10021.  
CiscoCisco ASRASR10041.  
CiscoCisco ASRASR10061.  
CiscoCisco ASRASR10131.  
CiscoCisco Service Control EnginesciscoSCE20001.  
CiscoCisco Service Control EnginesciscoSce80001.  
CiscoCisco StrataComBasis1.  
C&D TechnologiesTop of Table     
C&D TechnologiesSageonsageonSageNET1.  
CitrixTop of Table     
CitrixCitrix NetscalerNSMPX-7500 NS9. VLAN
CitrixCitrix Netscaler7000 NS9. VLAN
CitrixCitrix Netscaler9000 NS8. VLAN
CitrixCitrix NetscalerNSMPX-10500 NS9. VLAN
CitrixCitrix Netscaler9800 NS8. VLAN
CitrixCitrix NetscalerNSMPX-5500 NS9. VLAN
"Corero Network Security Inc"     
"Corero Network Security Inc"Corero IPSIPS5500IPv4L2 
CrossbeamTop of Table     
CrossbeamCrossbeam X Series SwitchescrossbeamXSeries1.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam X Series SwitchescrossbeamX451.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam X Series SwitchescrossbeamX801.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam X Series SwitchescrossbeamX601.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam X Series SwitchescrossbeamX201.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam X Series SwitchescrossbeamX301.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam C Series SwitchescrossbeamCSeries1.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam C Series SwitchescrossbeamC301.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam C Series SwitchescrossbeamC101.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam C Series SwitchescrossbeamC30i1.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam C Series SwitchescrossbeamC21.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam C Series SwitchescrossbeamC61.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam C Series SwitchescrossbeamC121.  
CrossbeamCrossbeam C Series SwitchescrossbeamC251.  
CycladesTop of Table     
CycladesCyclades ACScycladesACS481.  
DellTop of Table     
DellDell PowerConnect SwitchesdellPowerConnect34001. 
DigiTop of Table     
DigiDigi SariandigiTransPortWR21-HX1B-DE1-XX1.  
DigiDigi SariandigiTransPortWR41H-AEU-B001.  
D-LinkTop of Table     
D-LinkD-Link SwitchesdlinkDES-3010F1. 
EMCTop of Table     
EMCEMC Data DomainemcDD6901.  
EMC CorpRSASecureIDAppliance250.  
EnterasysTop of Table     
Enterasys Cabletron 9E106-6 Revision 
EnterasysX-Pedition 8600XP-86001.
EnterasysSmart Switch 22002E42-27R1.
EnterasysSmart Switch 22002H252-25R1.
EnterasysSmart Switch 22002E253-49R1.
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006H252-
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006H202-
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006E233-491.
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006E122-
EnterasysSmart Switch RouterSSR20001.
EnterasysMatrix E11H582-
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006G306-
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006H262-
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006H352-
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006H203-
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006H258-
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006H302-481.
EnterasysSmart Switch 60006H303-481.
EnterasysSecureStack SwitchesC5G124-48P21.
EnterasysEnterasys ELSELS100-24TXM1.  
ExtremeTop of Table     
ExtremeBlack Diamond BlackDiamond68081.
ExtremeBlack Diamond BlackDiamond208081.
ExtremeSummit Summit7iSX1.
ExtremeSummit Summit300-
ExtremeSummit Summit300-481.
ExtremeSummit SummitX250-48t1.
ExtremeSummit SummitX350-24t1.
ExtremeSummit SummitX350-48t1.
ExtremeSummit SummitX4061.
ExtremeSummit SummitX450-24t1.
ExtremeSummit SummitX450a-24x1.
ExtremeSummit SummitX460-24x1.
ExtremeSummit SummitX650-24x-SSns1.
ExtremeSummit SummitXStack1.
ExtremeSummit BlackDiamond108081.
ExtremeSummit Summit400-48t1.
ExtremeSummit BlackDiamond88061.
ExtremeSummit SummitX450a-48t1.
ExtremeSummit SummitX450a-48tDC1.
F5Top of Table     
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP LTM1.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 520  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery Controllers+B927F5 Big-IP 5401.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 10001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 15001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 24001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 34001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 41001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 51001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 51101.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 BIG-IP 64001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 68001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 84001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 BIG-IP 88001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP Pb2001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 16001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 36001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 69001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 89001. VLAN
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 39001. VLAN
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 89501.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 110501.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP 34101.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP Pb1001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP Pb100n1.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 Big-IP SAM 43001.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 BIG-IP VirtualEdition1.  
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 BIG-IP 4200v VLAN
F5F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery ControllersF5 BIG-IP ViprionC24001. VLAN
FireEyeTop of Table     
Force10Top of Table     
Force10Force10 s50ndc1.
Force10Force10 S25V1.
Force10Force10 S25PDC1.
Force10Force10 S50NDC1.
Force10Force10 S25NAC1.
Force10Force10 S2410P1.
Force10Force10 S2410CP1.
Force10Force10 S25PAC1.
Force10Force10 S50V1.
Force10Force10 S50E1.
Force10Force10 S501.
FortinetTop of Table     
FortinetFortinet Firewallsfortinet100A1.  
FortinetFortinet Firewallsfortinet200A1.  
FortinetFortinet Firewallsfortinet310B1.  
FortinetFortinet Firewallsfortinet601.  
FoundryTop of Table     
FoundryBigIron SwitchBigIron 15000S1.
FoundryServerIron XLServerIron 400 T8SIXLG1.
FoundryBigIronBigIron 40001.
FoundryBigIronBigIron 4000S1.
FoundryBigIronBigIron 4000R1.
FoundryServerIronServerIron 4000S1.
FoundryBigIronBigIron 80001.
FoundryBigIronBigIron 8000S1.
FoundryBigIronBigIron 8000R1.
FoundryFastIronFastIron Workgroup Switch1.
FoundryFastIronFastIron Workgroup Switch1.
FoundryFastIronFastIron Edge 24021.
FoundryServerIronServerIron Switch1.
FoundryFastIron FESFES12GCFR1.
FoundryFastIron FES FES2402-POE1.
FoundryFastIron FESFES2402R1.
FoundryFastIron FESFES2402R1.
FoundryFastIron FESFES4802R1.
FoundryFastIron FESFES9604R1.
FoundryFastIron FESX FESX424R1.
FoundryFastIron FESX FESX448R1.
FoundryFastIron FESX FESX424+2XG1.
FoundryFastIron FESX FESX424F+2XG1.
FoundryFastIron FESX FastIron SuperX1.
FoundryFastIron GS FGS624P-POE Switch1.
FoundryNetIronNIMLX4000R1. VLAN
FoundryServerIronSIGTc Switch1.
FoundryServerIronSIGTe Router1.
FoundryFastIron GS FGS648P-POE Switch1.
FoundryICX SwitchICX6450-24-HPOE1.
FoundryFCX SwitchFCX648S-HPOE. VLAN
FoundryMLX Core RouterMLXe.
FoundryMLX Core RouterMLXe.
GigamonTop of Table     
GigamonGigamon GenericgigamonSnmp1.  
HitachiTop of Table     
HitachiHitachi RaidHitachi Raid5001.   
HitachiHitachi Cable Ethernet SwitchApresia3424GT-PoE1.
HitachiHitachi Cable Ethernet SwitchApresia13100-48X-PSR1.
HitachiHitachi Cable Ethernet SwitchApresiaLightFM108GT-SS1.
HitachiHitachi Cable Ethernet SwitchApresiaLightGM110GT-SS1.
HirschmannTop of Table     
HirschmannHirschmann MACH 3000Hirschmann MACH 30001. 
HirschmannHirschmann MICEHirschmann MS2108- 
HirschmannHirschmann MICEHirschmann MS3124-  
HirschmannHirschmann MICEHirschmann MS201.  
HirschmannHirschmann RSHirschmann RS201. 
HirschmannHirschmann OCTOPUSHirschmann OCTOPUS 24M1. 
HirschmannHirschmann RSHirschmann RS301. 
HirschmannHirschmann RSHirschmann RS2-4r1.  
HirschmannHirschmann PowerMICEHirschmann MS4128- 
HPTop of Table     
HPAdvanceStack HubshpetherTwist121.  
HPAdvanceStack Hubshp10BaseTHub12M1.  
HPAdvanceStack Hubshp10T100THub24M1.  
HPAdvanceStack HubshpRepeaterAgent1.  
HPAdvanceStack SwitcheshpAdvSwitch20001. 
HPAdvanceStack SwitchesAdvanceStack 10 BT Switching Hub1. 
HPAdvanceStack SwitchesAdvanceStack Switch 2000 (B version)
HPAdvanceStack AdvanceStack Switch 800T1.
HPHP10Base-T Hub-24M(J3303A) 
HPHP Access Point10ag (J9141A)  
HPHP Access PointWireless AcessPoint 420(J8131A)  
HPHP Access PointWireless AcessPoint 530(J8987A) 
HPHP ONE Services ModuleDCM- Controller (J9445A)  
HPHP ONE Services ModuleTMS-zl-Module (J9155A)  
HPHP Router9408sl(J8680A)  
HPHP Secure Router7001dl (J8751A)  
HPHP Secure Router7102dl(J8752A)  
HPHP Secure Router7203dl(J8753A) 
HPHP Service Appliance800-NAC (J9065A)  
HPHP 200 Fixed-port Switch2001. 
HPHP Switch1600M(J4120A)
HPHP Switch1700-24 (J9080A) 
HPHP Switch1700-8(J9079A) 
HPHP Switch1800-24G-B(J9028B) 
HPHP Switch1800-24G (J9028A) 
HPHP Switch1800-8G(J9029A) 
HPHP Switch1810G-24 (J9450A)
HPHP Switch1810G-8 (J9449A)
HPHP Switch224M(J3299A)
HPHP Switch212 (J3298A)
HPHP Switch2400M(J4122 )
HPHP Switch2424M(J4093A)
HPHP Switch2620-24-PoE-Plus(J9625A)
HPHP Switch2500 Fixed-Port 2510G-48 (J9280A)
HPHP Switch2510-24(J9019A)
HPHP Switch2510-48(J9020A)
HPHP Switch2510B-24-B(J9019B)
HPHP Switch2510G-24(J9279A)
HPHP Switch2512(J4812A)
HPHP Switch2520-24-PoE (J9138A)
HPHP Switch2520-8-PoE (J9137A)
HPHP Switch2520G-24-PoE (J9299A)
HPHP Switch2520-8G-PoE(J9298A)
HPHP Switch2524(J4813A )
HPHP Switch2600-8-PoE(J8762A)
HPHP Switch2610-24(J9085A)
HPHP Switch2610-24-PPoE(J9086A)
HPHP Switch2610-24-PoE(J9087A)
HPHP Switch2610-48 (J9088A )
HPHP Switch2610-48-PoE(J9089A )
HPHP Switch2626(J4900A)
HPHP 2600 Fixed-port Switch2626B(J4900B )
HPHP Switch2626C (J4900C)
HPHP Switch2626-PWR(J8164A)
HPHP Switch2650 (J4899A)
HPHP Switch2650 (J4899B)
HPHP Switch2650 (J4899C)
HPHP Switch2650-PWR(J8165A )
HPHP Switch2810-24G (J9021A )
HPHP Switch2810-48G(J9022A)
HPHP Switch2824(J4903A )
HPHP Switch2848(J4903A )
HPHP Switch2900-24G(J9049A )
HPHP Switch2900-48G(J9050A )
HPHP Switch2910al-24G(J9145A )
HPHP Switch2910al-24G-PoE (J9146A)
HPHP Switch2910al-48G (J9147A)
HPHP Switch2910al-48G-PoE (J9148A)
HPHP Switch3124 (J4851A)
HPHP Switch3324XL (J4815A)
HPHP Switch3400cl-24G(J4905A )
HPHP Switch3400cl-48G(J4906A )
HPHP Switch3500-24 (J9470A)
HPHP Switch3500-24-PoE (J9471A)
HPHP Switch3500-48 Switch (J9472A)
HPHP Switch3500-48-PoE Switch (J9473A)
HPHP Switch3500-24G-PoE-Plus-yl(J9310A )
HPHP Switch3500-24G-PoE-yl(J8692A )
HPHP Switch3500yl-48G-PoE(J8693A )
HPHP Switch4000M(J4121A )
HPHP Switch4104GL(J4887A )
HPHP Switch4108GL(J4865A )
HPHP Switch4148GL(J4888A) IPv4L2VLAN
HPHP Switch4202vl-48G(J8771A )
HPHP Switch4202vl-72-vl(J8772A )
HPHP Switch4204vl(J8770A )
HPHP Switch4208vl(J8773A )
HPHP Switch5304XL(J4850A )
HPHP Switch5348XL Bundle IPv4L2VLAN
HPHP Switch5308xl(J4819A )
HPHP Switch5372XL Bundle IPv4L2VLAN
HPHP Switch5406zl(J8697A )
HPHP Switch5412zl(J8698A )
HPHP Switch6108(J4902A )
HPHP Switch6120G/XG Blade (498358-B21)
HPHP Switch6120XG Blade (516733-B21)
HPHP Switch6200yl (J8992A )
HPHP Switch6208m-SX (J4841A)
HPHP Switch6308m-SX (J4840A)
HPHP Switch6400cl-6XG(J8433A )
HPHP Switch6410cl(J8474A )
HPHP Switch6600-48G (J9451A)
HPHP Switch6600-48G-4XG (J9452A)
HPHP Switch6600ml-24G (J9263A)
HPHP Switch6600ml-24G-4XG1.
HPHP Switch6600ml-24XG (J9265A)
HPHP Switch8000M(J4110A )
HPHP Switch8206zl(J9477A )
HPHP Switch8212zl(J9091A)
HPHP Switch9308(J4138A ) 
HPHP Switch9304(J9801A ) 
HPHP Switch9315(J4874A ) 
HPHP Blade SwitchhpSwitchBLpClassC-GbE21.
HPHP Blade SwitchhpSwitchGbE2C1. 
HPHP Blade SwitchhpSwitchProliant-cgesm1.
HPHP Wireless EdgeRedundant Wireless xl(J9003A )  
HPHP Wireless EdgeRedundant Wireless zl(J9052A )  
HPHP Wireless EdgeWireless Edge Service xl(J9001A )  
HPHP Wireless EdgeWireless Edge zl(J9051A )  
HPHP MSM Access PointMSM320(J9360A/J9364A/J9365A/J9368A ) 
HPHP MSM Access PointMSM410(J9426A/J9427A )  
HPHP MSM Access PointMSM422(J9358A/J9359A ) 
HPHP MSM Access PointMSM760(J9420A/J9421A )  
HPSurvivable Branch CommunicationSBM zl IPv4  
HPBladeSystem VirtualConnecthpVirtualConnectFlex101. 
HPBladeSystem VirtualConnect FC (QLogic)hpBladeSystemVC-FC-MPX1101.  
HPBladeSystem VirtualConnect FC (QLogic)hpBladeSystemVC-FC-MPX1.  
HPBladeSystem VirtualConnect FC (Brocade)hpVCFC-8G24P1.  
HPBladeSystem VirtualConnect FC (Brocade)hpVCFC-8G24P1.  
HPBladeSystem Onboard AdministratorhpBladeSystemOA1.  
HPHP DTC SNMP AgentshpDTC221.  
HPHP UNIX SNMP Agentshp8001.  
HPHP UNIX SNMP AgentshpItanium1.  
HPCompaq ServercompaqSW54501. 
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-24G-EI-TAA1.
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-24G-POE-EI-TAA1.
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-24P-EI1.
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-28C-EI1.
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-28C-PWR-EI1.
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-48G-EI-TAA1.
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-48G-POE-EI-TAA1.
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-48P-EI1.
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-52C-EI1.
HPHP 5120-EI Switch HP 5120-52C-PWR-EI1.
HPHP 5120-HI Switch HP 5120-AF-48G-HI1.
HPHP 5120-HI Switch HP 5500-24G-4SFP-HI1.
HPHP 5120-SI Switch HP 5120-16G-SI1.
HPHP 5120-SI Switch HP 5120-24G-POE-SI1.
HPHP 5120-SI Switch HP 5120-24G-PPOE-SI1.
HPHP 5120-SI SwitchHP 5120-24G-SI1.
HPHP 5120-SI Switch HP 5120-48G-SI1.
HPHP 5120-SI Switch HP 5120-8G-PoEPlus-SI1.
HPHP 5120-SI Switch HP 5120-8G-PPoEPlus-SI1.
HPHP 5120-SI Switch HP 5120-8G-SI1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-24G-EI-TAA1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-24G-POE-EI-TAA1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-24G-SFP-EI-TAA1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-28C-EI1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-28C-PWR-EI1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-28F-EI1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-48G-EI-TAA1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-48G-POE-EI-TAA1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-52C-EI1.
HPHP 5500-EI Switch HP 5500-52C-PWR-EI1.
HPHP 5500-HI Switch HP 5500-48G-4SFP-HI1.
HPHP 5500-SI Switch HP 5500-28C-PWR-SI1.
HPHP 5500-SI Switch HP 5500-28C-SI1.
HPHP 5500-SI Switch HP 5500-52C-PWR-SI1.
HPHP 5500-SI Switch HP 5500-52C-SI1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-24G-PoE-Plus-TAA1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-24G-SFP-TAA1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-24G-TAA1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-32C1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-32C-PWR1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-32F1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-48G-PoE-Plus-TAA1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-48G-PoE-Plus-TAA-2SLOT1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-48G-TAA1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP A5800AF48G1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP A580048G1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-56C-PWR1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5800-60C-PWR1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5820-24XG-SFP-Plus-TAA1.
HPHP 5800 SwitchHP 5820X-14XG-SFP-Plus-TAA-2SLOT1.
HPHP 5820 SwitchHP 5820X-26S1.
HPHP 5820 SwitchHP 5820X-28C1.
HPHP 5820 SwitchHP 5820X-28S1.
HPHP 5830 SwitchHP 5830AF-24XG1.
HPHP 5830 SwitchHP 5830AF-48G1.
HPHP 5830 SwitchHP 5830AF-96G1.
HPHP 5900 SwitchHP 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP+ VLAN
HPHP 7500 SwitchHP 75021.  
HPHP 7500 SwitchHP 75031.  
HPHP 7500 SwitchHP 7503-S1.  
HPHP 7500 SwitchHP 75061.  
HPHP 7500 SwitchHP 7506-V1. 
HPHP 7500 SwitchHP 7508H1.  
HPHP 7500 SwitchHP 75101.  
HPHP 10500 SwitchHP 105121. VLAN
HPHP 10500 SwitchHP 10508-V1. VLAN
HPHP 12500 SwitchHP 125041.
HPHP 12500 SwitchHP 12504DC1.
HPHP 12500 SwitchHP 125081.
HPHP 12500 SwitchHP 12508AC1.
HPHP 12500 SwitchHP 12508DC1.
HPHP 12500 SwitchHP 125181.
HPHP 12500 SwitchHP 12518AC1.
HPHP 12500 SwitchHP 12518DC1.
HPHP 5900 Switch SeriesHP 5900AF-48G-4XG-2QSFP+
HPHP 6600 RouterHP 66021.  
HPHP 6600 RouterHP 6602-A11.  
HPHP 6600 RouterHP 6602-A21.  
HPHP 6600 RouterHP 66041.  
HPHP 6600 RouterHP 6604-A1.  
HPHP 6600 RouterHP 66081.  
HPHP 6800 RouterHP HSR68041. 
HPHP 6600 RouterHP 66161.  
HPHP 6600 RouterHP 6616-A1.  
HPHP 8800 RouterHP A88001. 
HPHP 3100 SI SwitchHP A3100- VLAN
HPMSM Access PointE-MSM4661.  
HPMSM Access PointE-MSM4301.  
HPMSM ControllerMSM7651. 
HPMSM ControllerMSM7601. 
HPMSM ControllerMSM7101. 
HPMSM ControllerMSM7201. 
HPHP 2530 SwitchHP 2530-8G-PoE+ 
HPHP 2530 SwitchHP 2530-48G-PoE+ 
HPHP 2600 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2615-8-PoE1.
HPHP 2915 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2915-8-POE1.
HPHP E3800 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 3800-48G-PoE+-4SFP+
HPHP E3800 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 3800-24G-2SFP+
HPHP E3800 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 3800-48G-4SFP+
HPHP E3800 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 3800-24G-PoE+-2SFP+
HPHP E3800 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 3800-24G-2XG1.
HPHP E3800 Fixed-Port SwitchHP E3800-48G-4XG1.
HPHP E3800 Fixed-Port SwitchHP E3800-24G-PoE+-2XG1.
HPHP E3800 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 3800-48G-PoE+-4XG1.
HPHP 2620 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2620-
HPHP 2620 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2620-24-PPoEP1.
HPHP 2620 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2620-481.
HPHP 2620 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2620-48-PoE+
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-24G-PoE+
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-8G-PoE+
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-48G1.
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-24G1.
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-8G1.
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-48-PoE+
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-24-PoE+
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-8-PoE+
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-481.
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-
HPHP 2530 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2530-
HPHP 2920 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2920-24G1.
HPHP 2920 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2920-24G-PoE+
HPHP 2920 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2920-48G1.
HPHP 2920 Fixed-Port SwitchHP 2920-48G-PoE+
HPHP 10500 SwitchHP 105081.
HPHP 10500 Switchhp 105041.
HPHP 10500 SwitchHP 10508-V1.
HPHP 3600-EI SwitchHP 3600-24-V2-EI1. VLAN
HPHP 3600-EI SwitchHP 3600-48-V2-EI1. VLAN
HPHP 3600-EI SwitchHP A3600-24-PoE+ v2 EI1. VLAN
HPHP 3600-EI SwitchHP 3600-48-PoE+V2 EI1. VLAN
HPHP 3600-EI SwitchHP 3600-24-SFP V2 EI1. VLAN
HPHP 3100-SI SwitchHP 3100-48-V21. VLAN
HPHP 5500 SwitchHP 5500-48G-PoE+-4SFP HI VLAN
HPHP 5500 SwitchHP 5500-24G-PoE+-4SFP HI1. VLAN
HPHP 5500 SwitchHP 5500-24G-SFP HI VLAN
HPHP FlexFabric 11900 Switch HP FF 11908-V1. VLAN
HPHP MSR 20-1X RouterHP MSR20-13-W-NA1.
HPHP MSR 20-1X RouterHP MSR20-
HPHP 5900 SwitchHP 5900AF-48XGT-4QSFP+
HPHP MSR 30 RouterHP MSR30-401. VLAN
HPHP MSR 30 RouterHP MSR30-11E1. VLAN
HPHP MSR 30 RouterHP MSR30-11F1. VLAN
HPHP MSR 50 RouterHP MSR50-401.  
HPHP MSR30 RouterHP MSR30-60-POE1.  
HPHP MSR30 RouterHP MSR30-16-POE1.  
HPHP MSR30 RouterHP MSR30-20-POE1.  
HPHP MSR30 RouterHP MSR30-40-POE1.  
HPHP MSR 20 RouterHP MSR20-12-W1. VLAN
HPHP ArcsightHP Arcsight DL3801.  
HP (3Com)Top of Table     
HP (3Com)3Com CoreBuilder 3500CoreBuilder 35001. L2 
HP (3Com)3Com Corebuilder 9000Corebuilder 9000-12 Port 10/100TX Layer 3 Switching Module1. L2 
HP (3Com)3Com Corebuilder 9000Corebuilder 9000-4 Port GBIC1. L2 
HP (3Com)3Com Corebuilder 9000CoreBuilder-9000 Enterprise Management Engine (3CB9EME) s/w rev: L2 
HP (3Com)3Com CoreBuilder 9400CoreBuilder 94001. L2 
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3SuperStack L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Baseline10/100 Switch 16-Port1. L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Baseline10/100 Switch 24-Port1. L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Baseline10/100 Switch 24-Port Plus 2 10/100/10001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Baseline10/100 Switch 48-Port Plus 2 10/100/10001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Baseline10/100/1000 Switch 8-Port1.
HP (3Com)3Com Baseline S22003comS2226 Plus(2) 
HP (3Com)3Com S4200G3comS4200G-24-PWR1. 
HP (3Com)3Com S45003comS4500-501.
HP (3Com)3Com StarTek3comSuperStackTR1.  
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300SuperStack 3 33001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300Switch 3300 12-Port IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300Switch 3300 24-Port IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300Switch 3300 MM IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300Switch 3300 SM IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300Switch 3300 TM IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300Switch 3300 XM IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Series 38003comSuperStack3-3870-
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4200Switch 42001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4200Switch 4226T 24-Port Plus 2 10/100/1001 IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4200Switch 4228G 24-Port Plus 2 10/100/1000 & 2GBIC slots IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4200Switch 4250T 48-Port Plus 2 10/100/1000 IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4300Switch 43001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4300Switch 4300 IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400SuperStack 3 Switch 44001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 24-Port IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 48-Port IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 PWR IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 SE 24-Port IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4900Switch 4900 IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4900Switch 4900 SX1.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4900Switch 4924 IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4900Switch 4950 IPv4L2VLAN
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 3900SuperStack 3900-361.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack 9300SuperStack 93001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack IISuperStack II Desktop Switch1.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack IISuperStack II Switch 30001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack IISuperstack II Switch 38001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack IISuperstack II Switch 9000 SX1.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack IISwitch 10001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack IIAdvanced RPS SW Version
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack IISuperStack II Hub
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack IISuperStack II Switch L3 Module1.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack IISuperStack II1.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack II Switch 1100SuperStack II 11001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack II Switch 1100SuperStack II 11001.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack II Switch 1100Switch 1100 12-Port1.
HP (3Com)3Com SuperStack II Switch 1100Switch 1100 24-Port1.
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 140MOfficeConnect Switch 140M1.
HP (3Com)3Com Router OSR Series3com Router OSR67401.  
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 4200G Series3com Switch 4200G 24-Port
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 4500G Series3com Switch 4500G 24-Port1.
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 4500G Series3comS4500-26-PWR1.
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 4500G Series3comS4500G-48-PWR1.
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 4800G Series3comS4800G-
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 5500G Series3com Switch 5500G-EI PWR 24-Port1.
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 5500G Series3comS5500G-481.
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 5500G Series3comS5500-28-SI1.
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 5500G Series3comS5500-52-EI1.
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 5500G Series3comS5500G-24-SFP1.
HP (3Com)3Com Switch 7900 Series 3comS7906E1.
HP (3Com)3Com VCX3comVCX70051.  
HP (3Com)3Com Wireless Access Controller3comWX30081.
HP (3Com)3Com Wireless Access Controller3comWX30101.
HP (3Com)3Com Wireless Access Controller3comWX50021.
HP (3Com)3Com Wireless LAN WX3comWX12001.  
HP (3Com)3Com Wireless LAN WX3comWX22001.  
HP (3Com)3Com Wireless LAN WX3comWX44001.  
HP (3Com)3Com Wireless LAN WX3comWXR1001.  
HP (3Com)H3C CE-3000 series Switchh3c-CE3000-58C1.
HP (3Com)H3C CE-3000 series Switchh3c-CE3000-34C1.
HP (3Com)H3C S3100 Series Switchh3c-S3100-26TP-EI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S3100 Series Switchh3c-S3100-52TP-SI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S3100 Series Switchh3c-S3100-26C-SI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S3600 Series Switchh3c-S3600-28TP-SI1. 
HP (3Com)H3C S3600 Series Switchh3c-S3600-52P-EI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S3600 Series Switchh3c-S3600-52P-SI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S3600 Series Switchh3c-S3600-28P-EI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S3610 Series Switchh3c-S3610-52P1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5100 Series Switchh3c-S5100-24P-SI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5100 Series Switchh3c-S5100-26C-EI1. 
HP (3Com)H3C S5100 Series Switchh3c-S5100-48P-EI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5500-EI Series Switchh3c-S5500-28C-EI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5500 Series Switchh3c-S5500-28F-EI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5500 Series Switchh3c-S5500-52C-SI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5510 Series Switchh3c-S5510-24P1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5600 Series Switchh3c-S5600-26C1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5600 Series Switchh3c-S5600-50C1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5800 Series Switchh3c-S5800-56C1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5800 Series Switchh3c-S5800-60C-PWR1. 
HP (3Com)H3C S5800 Series Switchh3c-S5800-32F1.
HP (3Com)H3C S5800 Series Switchh3c-S5810-50S1. 
HP (3Com)H3C S5800 Series Switchh3c-S5820X-28S1.
HP (3Com)H3C S7500 Series Switchh3c-S7502E1.  
HP (3Com)H3C S7500E Series Switchh3c-S7503E1.
HP (3Com)H3C S7500 Series Switchh3c-S7506E1. VLAN
HP (3Com)H3C S7500E Series Switchh3c-S7510E1.
HP (3Com)H3C S7500 Series Switchh3c-S7506R1.
HP (3Com)H3C S9500E Series Switchh3c-S9505E1.
HP (3Com)H3C S9500 Series Switchh3c-S9508-EI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S9500 Series Switchh3c-9508-V1.
HP (3Com)H3C S9500 Series Switchh3c-S9508E-V1. 
HP (3Com)H3C S9500 Series Switchh3c-9508-V51. L2VLAN
HP (3Com)H3C S9500 Series Switchh3c-S9512-EI1.
HP (3Com)H3C S12500 Series Switchh3c-S125081.
HP (3Com)H3C S12500 Series Switchh3c-S125181.
HP (3Com)H3C SR8800 Routersh3c-SR8805-V51.
HP (3Com)H3C SR8800 Routersh3c-SR8808-V51.  
HP (3Com)H3C SR6600 Routersh3c-SR66041.  
HP (3Com)H3C SR6600 Routerh3c-SR66081.  
HP (3Com)H3C SR6600 Routerh3c-SR6608-X1.
HP (3Com)H3C SR6600 Routerh3c-SR6604-X1.
HP (3Com)H3C SR6600 Routerh3c-SR66161.
HP (3Com)H3C MSR Series Router MSR20-12-T1.
HP (3Com)H3C MSR Series Router MSR20-15-I1.
HP (3Com)H3C MSR Series Router MSR20- VLAN
HP (3Com)H3C MSR RouterMSR20-401.  
HP (3Com)H3C MSR Series Router MSR30-  
HP (3Com)H3C MSR RouterMSR30-  
HP (3Com)H3C MSR RouterMSR30-401. VLAN
HP (3Com)H3C MSR RouterMSR50-401.  
HP (3Com)H3C MSR Series Router MSR50-601.  
HP (3Com)H3C MSR RouterMSR9001.
HP (3Com)H3C MSR RouterMSR9301. 
HP (3Com)H3C MSR RouterMSR9311.
HP (3Com)H3C Communications GatewayICG20001. VLAN
HP (3Com)H3C Communications GatewayICG2000C1.  
HP (3Com)H3C WX Series Wireless Access ControllWX50041.  
HP (3Com)H3C WX Series Wireless Access ControllWX50021.  
HP (3Com)H3C WX Series Wireless Access ControllWX30241.
HP (3Com)H3C WX Series Wireless Access ControllWX30081.
HP (3Com)H3C WX Series Wireless Access ControllWX30101.
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP3301.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP2500N1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP7100NX1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP660N1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP5100N1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP24001.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP20001.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP6001.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP600A1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP4001.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP501.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP12001.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP50001.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP2001.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP101.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP1001.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP2001.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP210E1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP600E1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP1000E1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP2000E1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP5000E1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP1400N1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP2500N1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP1101.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint IPS SeriesTP6100N1.  
HP (3Com)TippingPoint Core ControllerCCTL-99A3-EAA51.  
Hewlett-PackardTippingPoint NGFWS1020F1.  
Hewlett-PackardTippingPoint NGFWS1050F1.  
Hewlett-PackardTippingPoint NGFWS3010F1.  
Hewlett-PackardTippingPoint NGFWS3020F1.  
Hewlett-PackardTippingPoint NGFWS8005F1.  
Hewlett-PackardTippingPoint NGFWS8010F1.  
Hewlett-PackardTippingPoint NGFWS8020F1.  
HuaweiTop of Table     
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE16E1.  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE08E1.  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE05E1.  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE40- VLAN
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE20-  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE20-  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE40E1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE80E1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE801.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE40-
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE50001.  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay NE RoutersNE5000E1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay Merto Services PlatformCX6001.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay Merto Services PlatformCX200B1. VLAN
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay Merto Services PlatformCX300A1. VLAN
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay AR RoutersAR28-11-591.  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay AR RoutersAR46-801.  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay RoutersR26111.  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay RoutersR26111.  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay RoutersR26211.  
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS8512-EI1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS85051.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS65031.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3928P-EI1. VLAN
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3552P-EA1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS5648P1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS65001.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS5624P1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3952P-EI1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3952P-PWR-EI1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS85081.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS5624P-PWR1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS6506R1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3026C1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS5012G1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3552F1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS35261.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3526F1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3526E1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3526E-FS1.
HuaweiHuawei QuidWay SwitchesS3528G1.
HuaweiHuawei Eudemon FirewallsEUDEMON2001.  
HuaweiHuawei Eudemon FirewallsEUDEMON5001.  
HuaweiHuawei DSLAM SwitchesMa5100V200  
HuaweiHuawei DSLAM SwitchesMa56001.  
HuaweiHuawei DSLAM SwitchesMa5100V100R011.  
IBMTop of Table     
IBMIBM DLIINK-Blade CenteribmDlinkBladeCenter1. 
IBMIBM TL3500 Tape Libraryibm3584-TL1.  
IBMIBM DataPoweribmDataPowerXI501.  
IolanTop of Table     
IolanIoLan Terminal ServerIoLan Terminal Server1.  
InfobloxTop of Table     
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 1050-A1.  
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 10001.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 12001.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 5001.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 5501.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 10501.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 15501.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 15521.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 20001.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 2501.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 12201.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 550-A1.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 1550-A1.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 1552-A1.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 1852-A1.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 250-A1.   
InfobloxInfoblox ApplianceInfoblox 2000-A1.   
IngrasysTop of Table     
IngrasysIngrasys AlphaLinkIngrasysAlphaLinkBox1.   
IsilonTop of Table     
IsilonIsilon OneFSisilonOneFS1.  
ItronTop of Table     
ItronItron Cell RelayitronCellRelay1.  
ItronItron Cell RelayitronCellRelayV12.16.840.1.114416.2IPv4  
JuniperTop of Table     
JuniperJuniper MX-Series RoutersMX2401. 
JuniperJuniper MX-Series RoutersMX4801. 
JuniperJuniper MX-Series RoutersMX9601. 
JuniperJuniper EX-Series SwitchesEX2200-48t1. 
JuniperJuniper EX-Series SwitchesEX3200-48p1.
JuniperJuniper EX-Series SwitchesEX4200-24t1.
JuniperJuniper EX-Series SwitchesEX45001.
JuniperJuniper EX-Series SwitchesEX82081.
JuniperJuniper EX-Series SwitchesEX82161.
JuniperJuniper J-Series RouterJ23001.  
JuniperJuniper J-Series RouterJ43001.  
JuniperJuniper J-Series RouterJ63001.  
JuniperJuniper J-Series RouterJ23201.  
JuniperJuniper J-Series RouterJ23501.  
JuniperJuniper J-Series RouterJ43201.  
JuniperJuniper J-Series RouterJ43501.  
JuniperJuniper J-Series RouterJ63501.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM51.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM7i1.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM101.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM10i1.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM201.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM401.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM40e1.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM1201.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM1601.  
JuniperJuniper M-Series RouterM3201.  
JuniperJuniper T-Series RouterTX1.  
JuniperJuniper T-Series RouterT3201.  
JuniperJuniper T-Series RouterT6401.  
JuniperJuniper T-Series RouterT16001.  
JuniperJuniper SRX-Series Router/FirewallSRX58001.  
JuniperJuniper SRX-Series Router/FirewallSRX56001.  
JuniperJuniper SRX-Series Router/FirewallSRX36001.  
JuniperJuniper SRX-Series Router/FirewallSRX34001.  
JuniperJuniper SRX-Series Router/FirewallSRX2101.  
JuniperJuniper SRX-Series Router/FirewallSRX2401.  
JuniperJuniper SRX-Series Router/FirewallSRX6501.  
JuniperJuniper QFabricQFX3000-G1. 
JuniperJuniper QFabricQFX3000-M1. 
JuniperJuniper IDP Series Intrusion Detection and Prevention ApplianceIDP82001.  
JuniperJuniper E-Series RouterERX-14001.  
JuniperJuniper E-Series RouterERX-7001.  
JuniperJuniper E-Series RouterERX-14401.  
JuniperJuniper E-Series RouterERX-7051.  
JuniperJuniper E-Series RouterERX-3101.  
JuniperJuniper E-Series RouterE3201.  
JuniperJuniper E-Series RouterE1201.  
JuniperJuniper SA-Series VPN AppliancesSA60001.  
JuniperJuniper SA-Series VPN AppliancesSA65001.  
JuniperJuniper IC-Series VPN AppliancesIC65001.  
JuniperJuniper MAG series pulse GatewaysMAG-SM3601.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenSSG51.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenSSG201.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenSSG1401.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenSSG3201.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenSSG350M1.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenSSG-5201.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenSSG-5501.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenNetScreen-ISG 10001.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenNetScreen-ISG 20001.  
JuniperJuniper NetscreenNetScreen-2081.  
LantronixTop of Table     
LantronixLantronix SecureLinxlantronixSLC1.  
LiebertTop of Table     
LiebertLiebert PowerGXT2-6000RT2081.  
LiebertLiebert PowerGXT2-1500RT120  
LiebertLiebert PowerGXT2-3000RT1201.  
LiebertLiebert PowerGXT2-2000RT1201.  
LiebertLiebert PowerGXT2-7001.  
Marconi (Fore)Top of Table     
Marconi Marconi Fore SwitchesMarconi ASX-200BX1. 
Marconi Marconi Fore SwitchesMarconi ASX-10001. 
Marconi Marconi Fore SwitchesMarconi ES-28101.
Marconi Marconi Fore SwitchesMarconi ES-38101.
MarconiTNX Multiservice SwitchesMarconi TNX2101.  
MarconiTNX Multiservice SwitchesMarconi TNX11001.  
Meru NetworksTop of Table     
Meru NetworksMeru MC Wireless LAN ControllerMeru MC10001.  
Meru NetworksMeru MC Wireless LAN ControllerMeru MC30001.  
Meru NetworksMeru MC Wireless LAN ControllerMeru MC50001.  
MicrosensTop of Table     
MicrosensGbE Desktop SwitchmicrosensGBEDesktopSwitch1. VLAN
MicrosoftTop of Table     
MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows NT ServersmicrosoftNTServer1.  
MotorolaTop of Table     
MotorolaMotorola Symbol Technologies Spectrum24 Wireless LANsymbol24AP1.  
MotorolaMotorola Symbol Technologies Spectrum24 Wireless LANsymbol24AP24111.  
MotorolaMotorola Symbol Technologies Spectrum24 Wireless LANsymbol24AP41211.  
MotorolaMotorola Symbol Technologies Spectrum24 Wireless LANsymbol24AP41311.  
MotorolaMotorola Symbol Technologies Wireless SwitchsymbolWS50001.  
MotorolaMotorola Symbol Technologies Wireless SwitchsymbolWS51001.  
MotorolaMotorola 7100 Wireless Access PointmotorolaAP71311. 
MotorolaMotorola BSR RoutersmotorolaBSR20001.  
MRV CommunicationTop of Table     
MRV CommunicationOptiSwitchMRVOptiSwitch912C1. IPv4  
NETTop of Table     
NETNET Voice Exchange GatewaynetVX4001.  
NETNET Voice Exchange GatewaynetVX900t1.  
NETNET Voice Exchange GatewaynetVX9001.  
NETNET Voice Exchange GatewaynetVX25001.  
NETNET Voice Exchange GatewaynetVX12001.  
NETNET Voice Exchange GatewaynetVX18001.  
NETNET Unified Exchange GatewaynetUX20001.  
NetAppTop of Table     
NetAppNetApp FilersnetappClusteredFiler1.  
NetAppNetApp FilersnetappFiler1.  
NetAppNetApp AlacritusnetappVTL1.  
NetAppNetApp QuantumnetappN00741.  
NetSNMPTop of Table     
NetSNMPNetSNMP AgentnetSNMP Agent5.  
NomadixTop of Table     
NomadixNomadix Access GatewayNomadix AG 55001.  
NomadixNomadix Access GatewayNomadix AG 31001.  
NortelTop of Table     
NortelAlteonApplication Switch 3408 E1.
NortelAlteonApplication Switch 2424-SSL E1.
NortelAlteonL2/3 GbE Switches  
NortelAlteonSwitched Firewall 51141.  
NortelAlteonSwitched Firewall 61161.  
NortelAlteonApplicatiion Switch5224XL1. VLAN
NortelBayStackBayStack 282001. 
NortelBayStackBayStack 302T/F Ethernet Workgroup Switch1.
NortelBayStackBaystack 303-3041.
NortelBayStackBaystack 3501.
NortelBayStackBayStack 350-12T1.
NortelBayStackBaystack 380-24FethNMM1. 
NortelBayStackBaystack 4101.
NortelBayStackBaystack 4201.
NortelBayStackBaystack 4501.
NortelBayStackBaystack 4601.
NortelBayStackBaystack 470-24TethNMM1.
NortelBayStackBaystack 470-24T-PWR1.
NortelBayStackBaystack 470-48TethNMM1.
NortelBayStackBaystack 470-48T-PWR1.
NortelEthernet Routing SwitchERS 55101.
NortelEthernet Routing SwitchERS 2526T1. VLAN
NortelEthernet Routing SwitchERS 2550T1. VLAN
NortelEthernet Routing SwitchERS 4548-GT1. VLAN
NortelEthernet Routing SwitchERS 4524GT1. VLAN
NortelEthernet Routing SwitchERS 5510-24T1.
NortelEthernet Routing SwitchERS 5520-48T1. VLAN
NortelEthernet Routing SwitchERS 35101. VLAN
NortelEthernet Routing SwitchERS 5530-24T1. VLAN
NortelNortel Wireless Security SwitchWLAN 23801.
NortelNortel Wireless Security SwitchWLAN 23821.
NortelCentillionCentillion 1001.
NortelCentillionCentillion 5000BH1.
NortelPassport 1600Passport 1624G1.
Nortel740Passport 81061.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 81101.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 86061.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 86101.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 81031.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 8110co1.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 8610co1.
NortelPassport 8300ERS-83101.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 80031.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 80061.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 80101.
NortelPassport 8000Passport 8010co1.
NortelSecure Router 1000SR 10011.  
NortelSecure Router 1000SR 10021.  
NortelSecure Router 1000SR 10041.  
NortelSecure Router 4000SR 41341.  
NortelCarrier 7400Carrier 74801.  
NortelContivity EnterpriseContivity 11001.  
NortelContivity EnterpriseContivity 17001.  
NortelContivity EnterpriseContivity 17401.  
NortelContivity EnterpriseContivity 17501.  
NortelContivity EnterpriseContivity 27001.  
NortelCall ServerCS1000E.  
OneAccessTop of Table     
OneAccessOneAccess ONE SeriesOne601.  
OneAccessOneAccess ONE SeriesOne501.  
OpengearTop of Table     
OpengearOpengear Advanced Console ServersogIM42161.  
OpengearOpengear ACM5000 RIM gatewaysogACM5004-  
Palo AltoTop of Table     
Palo AltoPalo Alto Networks Firewallpa5001.  
Palo AltoPalo Alto Networks FirewallpanPA-30501.  
Perle IOLANTop of Table     
RadwareTop of Table     
RadwareRadware CIDRadwareCID1.  
RadwareRadware AppDirectorAppDirector10001.  
RadwareRadware AppDirectorAppDirector1001.  
RedbackTop of Table     
RedbackSMS Series RouterSMS 10001.  
RedbackSMS Series RouterSMS 5001.  
RedbackSMS Series RouterSMS 18001.  
RedbackSMS Series RouterSMS 100001.  
RedbackSmartEdge Series RouterSmartEdge 8001.  
RedbackSmartEdge Series RouterSmartEdge 4001.  
RedbackSmartEdge Series RouterSmartEdge 1001.  
RedbackSmartEdge Series RouterSmartEdge 12001.  
RittalTop of Table     
RittalRittal CMC-TCrittalcmcTc1.  
RiverbedTop of Table     
RiverbedRiverbed Steelhead AppliancesriverbedSteelheadCMC80001.  
RiverbedRiverbed Steelhead AppliancesriverbedSteelheadIC92001.  
RiverbedRiverbed Steelhead AppliancesriverbedSteelheadXX201.  
RiverstoneTop of Table     
RiverstoneRiverstone Router FamilyRS 80001.
RiverstoneRiverstone Router FamilyRS 86001.
RiverstoneRiverstone Router FamilyRS320001.
Ruijie NetworksTop of Table     
Ruijie NetworksRuijie Networkss2628G-E.  
Ruijie NetworksRuijie Networkss7610.
Ruijie NetworksRuijie Networkss5750-48GT-4SFP.  
Ruijie NetworksRuijie Networkss3760E- VLAN
Ruijie NetworksRuijie Networksrsr20-  
Ruijie NetworksRuijie Networksrsr50E-  
SunTop of Table     
SunSun Microsystems AgentssunPCNFS1.  
TeldatTop of Table     
TeldatTeldat Routersteldat-C1iPlus1.  
TrippliteTop of Table     
TrippliteTripplite UPS systemstrippUPS11.  
TransmodeTop of Table     
TransmodeTransmodeNetwork Management Board1.  
VenusTop of Table     
Venus Info Tech IncVenusVenusUSG-800A1.  
VersoTop of Table     
VersoVerso NetPerformerVerso NetPerformer SDM-88011.  
VersoVerso NetPerformerVerso NetPerformer SDM-93801.  
VersoVerso NetPerformerVerso NetPerformer SDM-82001.  
VersoVerso NetPerformerVerso NetPerformer SDM-92301.  
VMWareTop of Table     
VMWareVMWare ESXVMWare ESXi1.  
VMWareVMWare ESXVMWare ESX (netSNMP linux agent)  
VnetekTop of Table     
VnetekVnetek DECserverdecServer7321.  
VnetekVnetek DECserverdecServer90M1.  
VnetekVnetek DECserverdecServer90M+  
XKLTop of Table     
XKLXKL Optical networking appliancesxkl10g1.  
XKLXKL Optical networking appliancesxkldba1.  
XKLXKL Optical networking appliancesxkldra1.  
XKLXKL Optical networking appliancesxkldsm1.  
ZTETop of Table     
ZTEZTE ZXR10zteZXR10-28421.  
ZhoneTechTop of Table     
Zhone TechnologiesParadyneTNE-15841.  

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