UFT 12.00 Run Result Viewer ( RRV ) and ALM add-in installation

  • KM00822616
  • 31-Mar-2014
  • 02-Apr-2014


This article talks about the installation of RRV and ALM add-in for UFT version 12.00 and how it is different from UFT 11.5x


Is there a need to install RRV and ALM add-in separately after installation of UFT 12.00 ?


Starting with UFT 12.00 , ALM add-in and RRV installation are in-built with the UFT installation.

For the installation of ALM add-in , users get an option during the installation in the same window where we get option to install the required add-ins. Users can select to install the feature from that window.

Below screenshot shows the same:


RRV will be installed along with the installation of UFT 12.00 by default.

After installation of UFT 12.00 , neither the ALM add-in nor the RRV can be found in Control Panel.

They can't be uninstalled separately on the machine where UFT 12.00 is installed.

However , RRV and ALM add-in for UFT 12.00 can be installed separately on the machine where UFT 12.00 is not installed.


In UFT 11.5x , ALM add-in and RRV existed as separate programs even on the machines where UFT 11.5x was installed. They could be uninstalled from control panel if needed.