Insufficient system resources-failed to allocate a SYSV semaphore on Linux platform.

  • KM00817419
  • 25-Mar-2014
  • 25-Mar-2014


If the above error appears in the prspi.log located in the /var/opt/OV/NNMPerformanceSPI/logs directory , usaully when attempting database related operations it means that SYSTEM V sempahores have been exhausted.


Insufficient system resources - failed to allocate a SYSV semaphore.


This issue might  happen  because many processes have been killed without closing sempahores.  This is what happens when "kill -9" is used.  That situation is avoided by the NPS start and stop scripts but it cannot be prevented since the kill command is always available (hopefully as a last resort).


Semaphores do not survive a reboot, restart your system to remove all sempahores.