SM 9.31.2004 fixes 125% Win7 display issue, causes missing KCS editor toolbar in window client

  • KM00809009
  • 21-Mar-2014
  • 21-Mar-2014


KCS editor toolbar is missing in window client


Version 9.31.1008 has the issue of 125% display on Windows 7.

The solution to which is Version 9.31.2004 but then the KCS editor toolbar goes missing.
How to have a windows client working that has neither missing KCS editor toolbar nor 125% display issues.


HTML editor in Windows Client relies on the installed IE version so users have to make sure they have supported IE version where window client is running.
When IE10 is installed , SM9.31 cannot work fine but SM9.32 and SM9.33 works fine; and HTML editor does not work with IE11(tool bar will be missing) which is as expected since IE 11 is not supported yet.

Go back to any of the supported IE versions and use the windows client required.
See below the IE/Windows Client support matrix:
SM 9.31.3009 (SPARKS version) with IE8, 9
SM 9.32 with IE8, 9, 10
SM 9.33 with IE8, 9, 10