Cannot find the Remote Management agent service. Ensure that the Remote Management agent service is installed

  • KM00798848
  • 19-Mar-2014
  • 24-Jun-2014


This documentation provide the troubleshooting steps if failed to add LG in PC


You may facing the following error when adding LG in PC

image text


1 make sure remote management agent service is up on the LG
2 run "netstat -ano" from command line on the LG
check ports 54345, 54245 are listening
3 Check if the processes using these 2 ports are used by LR processes (alagentservice.exe on 54245, Magentservice.exe-Agent as Service/Magentproc.exe-Agent as Process 54345)
LR agent will not come up if 54345 is occupied by other process.
4 telnet these 2 ports on the PC server, if it's failed, the communication between PC and LG is blocked, it should be a network issue. Check if windows firewall is enabled, or there may be another firewall in the network. Turn off the firewall, or don't block the above 2 ports. Another workaround is to use MI listener and configure the LG over firewall.