OA11.1x implemented in latest midaemon would not abort without LVML_SKIP_INACTVG=1 setting.

  • KM00789935
  • 14-Mar-2014
  • 18-Mar-2014


OA11.1x OVPA11.1x midaemon will not abort on HP11.x.


OA11.0x midaemon aborts periodically on HP-UX 11.x.


This issue will be resolved by installing LVM patch and then using the workaround mentioned in the KB article KM1365210.
This LVM fix is available in Fusion release of 1209.
But the following settings are required in the OA side according to this OS fix:
set "LVML_SKIP_INACTVG=1" in /sbin/init.d/ovpa file.
This new API is used in midaemon in the latest MR release bits on OA 11.1x,
So this no environment variable is needed and no warning messages will come.