Sprinter mirroring issues when working with Internet Explorer

  • KM00786467
  • 11-Mar-2014
  • 13-Mar-2014


This article talks about issues which users may face when working with Sprinter mirroring feature in Internet explorer ( IE ) .


When working with Sprinter mirroring feature on Internet explorer ( IE )  , the user actions performed in IE on the primary machine are not completely replicated on IE in the secondary machine.

IE may get opened on both Primary and secondary machine , user may be able to replicate the actions like clicking on links which are displayed on the web page.

However , few actions like navigating to a different website may not get replicated on the secondary machine.


The cause for this issue can be that 'BHOManager class' add-on is  not enabled in IE.

Sprinter installs this add-on in Internet Explorer 7.0 or later. The BHOManager Class Add-on must be set to Enabled in IE on all Sprinter machines to interact with the browser and its objects.

In IE , usually navigating to 'Tools Menu -> Manage add-ons '  will allow users to enable or disable the add-on in the resulting window. The steps may very for some version of IE.

'BHOManager' class add-in must be enabled for Sprinter to interact with IE properly.