Error HTTP 503 when trying to access Mtours

  • KM00782892
  • 06-Mar-2014
  • 06-Mar-2014


This document explains the solution to the Error Message HTTP 503 when trying to access Mtours from ALM.


The error message appears when trying to access Mtours from Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
Error Message: HTTP 503


The cause of this problem is because Mtours is disabled by default if it was not enabled during the intallation of ALM.


To fix this issue and enable Mtours, follow these steps:

1. Open and edit the “start.ini” file located in the following location: C:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\server\conf

2. In the file locate the following line: jetty-testrealm.xml

3. Edit this line and remove the ‘#’ character at the beginning of the line.

4. Save and close the file

5. Restart the ALM server.

6. Check if the problem is resolved.