Manual changes made to /etc/resolv.conf need to manually be propogated to the gateway files

  • KM00779286
  • 03-Mar-2014
  • 10-May-2021


After changing the /etc/resolv.conf file on a Server Automation core system, the error "Gateway name resolution error" when starting some SA core services or attempting communication tests to SA managed servers.


After editing resolv.conf you may get the following error message when performing status checks on  some of the SA components on a SA core system, or when trying to communicate to SA managed servers...

Gateway name resolution error

For the hosts connected to them, the following error message may be seen when running tests from the managed servers back to the SA core..

Tunnel setup error



Manual change/edit of DNS related information does not automatically propagate to all required directories


Any changes made to /etc/resolv.conf have to manually be propogated to the gateway files that exist on ALL slices in the mesh.  Copies of /etc/resolv.conf are only placed in various chroot'd/jailed SA gateway directories during SA core server installation and when SA is restarted. 

The gateway directories where copies of resolv.conf are kept are...


The SA opsware gateways rely solely on these copies and do not reference the initial/parent instance of /etc/resolv.conf.  Therefore any manual changes to /etc/resolv.conf either have to be manually made on each of these copies or recreated by restarting SA (which is the preferred method).  Further, /etc/resolv.conf is not shared between systems comprising a SA core, or between SA cores, therefore changes to /etc/resolv.conf on one SA core system may have to be made on other servers within the same SA core and on other SA cores (if this is a SA mesh).