How to change the message sound in OMi

  • KM00778910
  • 03-Mar-2014
  • 10-Mar-2014


This document explains which changes are needed in OMi to change the message sound. Operations Manager I 9.13 Operations Manager I 9.20 Operations Manager I 9.21 Operations Manager I 9.22


How can I change the default message sound in OMi ?


To change the message sound in OMi the following steps should be followed:

1. Exchange the file <HPBSM>\AppServer\webapps\opr-web.war\beep.mp3 with a customised mp3 sound file.  Please make sure to call the file beep.mp3 as the original file.

2. Clear all browser caches for temporary internet files (in IE, make sure to uncheck the "Preserve Favourites website data").

3. Reload the event browser and afterwards, you should hear the new sound file on incoming events, if the feature is activated.

Important Note:
Please take into consideration that the opr-web.war directory is extracted from <HPBSM>\opr\webapps\opr-web.war file, so every time the BSM configuration wizard, or the opr-gateway-configuration script are run, the directory (and the sound file) will be overwritten.   The sound file in the war file directly could be exchanged to prevent that, but this has not been tested, nor is it supported.