Where can we find the ALM Test Step user defined field ( UDF ) in Sprinter during test run ?

  • KM00777293
  • 28-Feb-2014
  • 11-Mar-2014


This article explains about places where Test step UDF will be found in Sprinter.


When an UDF is added for Test Step entity in Application LifeCycle Management (ALM ) project customization , where can we find it during the Test run in Sprinter ?


Below is a screenshot which shows where the UDF by name 'custom field ' will be seen in ALM when a New Step is created :


In Sprinter , during test run , the UDF will be available in the 'Actual result' window. During the run , click on the 'Actual Result' icon from the Steps Side bar which shown in below screenshot :


The resulting Actual result window will contain the UDF as shown in below screenshot :