NETANNETANN Service conference stopped working

  • KM00770665
  • 24-Feb-2014
  • 24-Feb-2014


"No more capacity on this core" message received


After migrating from Open Call Media Platform (OCMP) 4.4.1 to 4.4.3 the conference service using Network Announcement (NETANN) conference stopped working.

OCMP answers "503 Service Unavailable" and nmsg file shows:

Feb 18 CET 2014 05:19:45 PM.884547| 8153  |  ConferenceReservationManager  | 0| ERROR | S:6 No more capacity on this core; requested :13750 max :11200
Feb 18 CET 2014 05:19:45 PM.884851| 8153  |  MediaLegNewMG                 | 0| ERROR | S:6 [ Conference with Id,13927404341171259] could not be created, no more capacity. Cause No more capacity on this core; requested :13750 max :11200


OCMP 4.4.3 reservation manager for video conference has been rebuilt not considering audio mode as default.
To turn off the reservation manager:
  • Add at least one video codec on OCMP base 4242
  • Edit file /opt/OC/share/ocmp/reservation_configurations.xml and set "RESERVATION_OPTIMISM" to "100":3

      <property name="RESERVATION_OPTIMISM">

        <description>Performance multiplier (percentage) can be manually set for a more efficient hardware than where calibrated</description>
             Default value is zero.
  • Restart OCMP Base 

Problem will be fixed on OCMP 4.4.3 Reactive Patch 301 specifying audio mode as default.