The object is locked by : <username> when working with BPT scripted component

  • KM00769262
  • 24-Feb-2014
  • 03-Mar-2014


This article explains one possible scenario where the "The object is locked by : " error can occur when working with Business Process Testing ( BPT ) scripted component in ALM .


Below is the screenshot of error message which user might encounter :



When a BPT scripted component is opened in QuickTest Professional ( QTP )  by the user , at the same time if the user tries to modify the component's details in ALM , the error message will occur.

For example  :

When the scripted component in opened in QTP , and in ALM if user tries to do below things , the error message will popup :

1 ) Trying to add a new parameter for the component in ALM

2 ) Trying to add a manual step

3 ) Trying to take snapshot


Save the changes made to the scripted component in QTP ( if needed ) and close the component in QTP.

Once component is no longer open in QTP , user can refresh ALM and try to do the operations which were earlier throwing errors.