Which edition of ALM 12.00 supports Named License?

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  • 21-Feb-2014
  • 21-Feb-2014

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This document speaks about the support for Named license assignment for ALM 12.00. The Named Licence in ALM 12.00 is supported only by ALM 12.00 Essentials Edition.


Named Licenses are used to assign licenses to Specific users. The Named License user has exclusive access to this license, but cannot use license from the Site Pool.

The Named License user must use this license for thirty days. After thirty days, the license assignment can be removed from the Named user. Also, when a named license is assigned to a user, one has a time of one hour to remove the assignment.

Which edition of ALM 12.00 supports Named License?


For the ALM 12.00 release, the only edition available with Named Licenses is the Application Lifecyle Management(ALM) Essentials Edition.

Please note that, HP Quality Center Enterprise Edition continues to support concurrent license types, but does not support the Named License type.

Note: Concurrent License is a pay-per-use license. Concurrent licensing is a licensing model for software programs, based on the number of computers using the program simultaneously.

To assign a named license to a user in ALM:

1. In Site Administration, click the Licenses tab.
2. Click the Named Licenses tab.
3. Click Select Users to open the Site Users area to the right of the screen.
4. In License Status, select the license name.
5. On Site Users, tab select the user.
6. Click Add selected users to assign the user. The user name is displayed in the Assigned Users area.
7. Click Save to save the changes.

To remove a license assignment from a user:

1. In Status tab of the License, select the license.
2. In Assigned Users, select the user.
3. Click Remove selected users to remove the user. The user name is no longer displayed in the Assigned Users.area.
4. Click Save to save the changes.