HP Asset Upgrade Tool usage tips

  • KM00764053
  • 18-Feb-2014
  • 18-Feb-2014


This article provides usage tips to consider when utilizing HP Asset Upgrade Tool.


HP Asset Upgrade Tool comes handy when upgrading QTP/UFT tests and converting assets stored in QC/ALM from one QTP version to a higher version.
This article is not about what HP Asset Upgrade Tool is and where to download it and its limitations.
For these information, please refer to KB article KM896902.

Usage Tips:
1) Run QTP Asset Upgrade Tool minumum three times.
Based on past experience we have seen that by running the tool again it resolves issues which has occured during previous runs.
2) In case an upgrade run fails, check in the report to see if the error points to any specific files.
If so, check if the files actually exist in project repository and if there is corresponding entries in project database.
If the files are missing, we should analyze what the files are then proceed further accordingly.

3) The QC/ALM version of the project and the QC/ALM server intance used should match what HP Asset Upgrade Tool supports.
For example, you can't upgrade assets stored in project of QC version 10.0 in QC 11.0 instance.
Therefore you should upgrade the QC project to QC version 11.0 first.
4) Get help in HP-QC support forum.
Please provide QC/ALM version, QTP version, Asset Upgrade Tool version and report.

Currently HP has released two versions for HP Asset Upgrade Tool:
1) HP Asset Upgrade Tool version 10.0.
Usage Scenarios:
Upgrade QTP 9.x tests stored on QC 10.0 / ALM 11.X, to QTP 10 version.

2) HP Asset Upgrade Tool version 11.0.
Usage Scenarios:
Upgrade QTP 9.x tests stored on QC 10.0 / ALM 11.X , to QTP 11 version.