Valid Agent license fails to be imported in OMW (Operations Manager for Windows)

  • KM00762950
  • 17-Feb-2014
  • 17-Feb-2014


This document explain the most probable cause of the license error message "No license found" when importing agent license in the OMW (Operations Manager for Windows) server. Operations Manager for Windows OMW 8.10 Operations Manager for Windows OMW 8.16 Operations Manager for Windows OMW 9.00


When importing an agent license using the license tool or launching this same tool with the command line "ovolicense -g -a HPOM" the following error message can be shown "No license found".


The license in question as the capacity for 125000 systems and the current licensing system known as AutoPass will treat this as "not valid".

The reason is the limitation of the  AutoPass used version which is "06.02.002".


Older versions of AutoPass such as 06.02.002 treat any license key whose capacity exceeds or equals the value of "65535" as "not valid" and ignores the license key.

To solve this problem  multiple license keys should be generated whose individual capacities are less than "65535", but whose aggregated capacity equals the capacity that you need to redeem.

For instance, rather than redeeming a single license key with capacity "125000", three license keys of individual capacities "50000", "50000", and "25000" can be redeemed.

AutoPass will do the aggregation where applicable and this was will get the required capacity.