How to fix the Notify email from incidents and interactions getting truncated when large data is been passed ?

  • KM00743417
  • 30-Jan-2014
  • 30-Jul-2014

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


This document will show on how to fix the notify email when the size of the notify mail is greater i.e. large content of data is passed from the incident/interaction description or journal update the email sent out is truncated.


The notify mail from incident and interaction is truncated when the case description or journal update content is too large.


The notify messsage is constructed and stored in a temprorary variable called $text.temp. 

The data size of the variable is fixed and cannot be increased dynamically when the content of the notify mail is large.


The complete notify email can be sent by pre-defining a global variable into the "Notify" display option.

The Notify message can built from the Incident as follows:

1. Login to the Service Manager client as falcon

2. Type ds in the command line to enter the display application screen definition. Retrieve the Display Screen record where: Screen ID: notify

3. Add the following expressions to the Initializations section:

if (not null($G.text.temp)) then ($text.temp=$G.text.temp)

4.  Save changes to the Display Screen

5. Type do in the command line

6. Search for screen ID apm.edit.problem and default label Notify

7. Go to the tab pre RAD expressions and add the following expressions:

$G.text.temp=$G.text.temp+{"Description:"}+nullsub(denull(action in $L.filed), {""}) 

$G.text.temp=$G.text.temp+{"Journal Update:"}+nullsub(denull(update.action in $L.filed), {""})

Note: The above expressions posts all the default OOB Service Manager Incident ticket fields. If one has any other field in the incident ticket then they also need to be added in the above expressions

9. Logout and login to the service Manager client for changes to take effect

8. Save the display action record