BSMC: How to map the SCOM event fields into BSM event field?

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  • 23-Jan-2014
  • 13-Feb-2015


How to fill the group, category and others fields coming from the SCOM to BSM events?


How to fill the group, category and others fields coming from the SCOM to BSM events?

How to we map the SCOM event fields into BSM event field?


Follow next steps:
1.             I have filled the fields in MS SCOM with custom attributes (See attachments 1 and 2) and confirmed it by clicking 'OK'.

2.             Next, I've right-clicked on the alert I've just modified and selected to forward it to HP SCOM Event Connector (See attachment 3)

3.             Few moments later I am able to see the alert in the SCOMAlerts.xml output file (%OvDataDir%\datafiles\HPSCOMIntegration\output). The alert contains the
               custom fields I've set. (See attachment 4)
4.            To modify the Event integration policy so that it will forward these fields as well go to BSMC UI and open the
               Event integration policy in the editing mode.

5.             For future reference; when you want to customize the BSMC policy it's useful to first load the data into UI, this was you will have a better idea as to what
               you are adding or changing. (See attachment 5). In order to successfullyload the alerts from SCOMAlert.xml file you will have to delete the <*> sign in the
               Log File Path / Name field. Once you're done editing the policy make sure to add the sign back, as it's important for correctly handling the roll-over
               mechanism of the SCOMAlert.xml output file.

6.             Select the 'Defaults' tab on the left side menu and then the 'Custom Attributes' tab (See attachment 6). If you have uploaded sample data, you can now click
               on an XML property of your choice and see it's uploaded values below in the 'Values for ...' pane. To add a custom attribute mapping in your policy you can
               drag and drop an XML property into the 'Value' pane and set a custom name.

7.             Save changes and reactivate the Event integration policy, then try forwarding a SCOM Alert to HP SCOM Event Connector  with custom attributes. When it
               comes to BSM, the custom attribute fields should be mapped. (See attachment 7)
For more information on the subject see the "Configuring Event Defaults in XML File Policies" in chapter 17, page 398 of the 'Using BSM Connector' user guide.

Refer to attached documment with ScreenShots