Enountering an error on adding a Oracle DB monitor.

  • KM00716560
  • 20-Jan-2014
  • 20-Jan-2014

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Enountering an error on adding a Oracle DB monitor.


When adding the Oracle DB monitor, timeout error is encountered. Even if test connection by net manager & Sqlplus are connected successfully, and it is also ok to add oracle DB from PC host directly.



In PC user guide page 471. In the bottom of this page there are prerequisites for monitoring Oracle.
Look at the last prerequisite:
Ensure that you the Performance Center Server is installed in a
directory whose path does not include any of the following characters:
( ) : ; * \ / " ~ & ? { } $ % | < > + = ^ [ ].
The default installation path is inside c:\Program Files (x86)\... and the () violates this prerequisite.
Unfortunately, when PCS is installed in this path, oracle monitors cannot be used, due to a bug in Oracle.