NNMi 8.1x Release Notes Updates

Last Updated: 24 January, 2014

This document contains updates to the release notes for HP Network Node Manager i-series (NNMi) 8.10, 8.11, 8.12, 8.13. You can also check for online NNMi 8.1x support matrix updates.

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Important Information about NNMi 8.1x Patch 7 (and Higher Patches) and NNM iSPI jboss Compatibility:

The following list contains NNMi 8.1x update information:

02/01/2010: Installation Update for NNMi 8.1x Patch 7 and NNM iSPI jboss Compatibility Workaround

09/17/2010: Installing NNMi on the Windows operating system for use with an Oracle database instance

When installing NNMi on the Windows operating system, if NNMi will use an Oracle database instance and the tablespace quota is not large enough, NNMi might install correctly but not create the tables. To prevent this situation, set the quota to unlimited, but no smaller than 1MB before installing NNMi.

07/30/2010: NNMi Command line tools require HTTP access

NNMi command line tools and other product integrations use the http protocol for communicating with NNMi and will not work without http enabled. Use the system firewall to block the outside HTTP access.

07/08/2010: Each RRG must have a unique protected IP address

Some networks use routing protocols such as HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) to provide router redundancy. When routers are configured in an RRG (router redundancy group), as they are when using HSRP, the routers configured in the RRG share a protected IP address (one active and one standby). NNMi does not support the discovery and management of multiple RRGs configured with the same protected IP address. Each RRG must have a unique protected IP address.

06/24/2010: NNMi 8.1x Patch 8 adds an option for SNMPv1 trap handling preferences

NNMi 8.1x Patch 8 adds an option to prefer the IP address in an SNMPv1 trap's UDP header over the contents of the SNMPv1 trap's agent_addr field.

To use the IP address in an SNMPv1 trap's UDP header instead of the contents of the SNMPv1 trap PDU's agent_addr field, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the following file:
  2. In the ovjboss.jvm.properties file, set the useUdpHeaderIpAddress property to true:
  3. Restart ovjboss:
        ovstop ovjboss
        ovstart ovjboss

05/05/2010: NNMi 8.1x Patch 8 incident configuration updates for HP SIM require loading

05/05/2010: Product release notes errata

03/25/2010: Firefox browser version 3.5 or higher is not supported with NNM 8.1x

02/26/2010: Windows shell commands must be wrapped in a script for incident lifecycle transition actions

02/25/2010: NNM i-series Smart Plug-ins Supported Platforms

02/01/2010: NNMi 8.1x Patch 7 now supports Windows Server 2008

02/01/2010: NNMi 8.1x Patch 7 now supports High Availability on Linux with Veritas Cluster Server (VCS)

02/01/2010: NNMi 8.1x Patch 7 now supports Application Failover through multisite TCP on Windows

02/01/2010: Known Problem with HPOM for Windows agent/NNMi installation

02/01/2010: Known Problem with importing trap definitions from NNM 6.x/7.x trapd.conf files

11/11/2009: NNMi 8.1x Patch 6 adds additional device support

11/11/2009: NNMi 8.1x Patch 6 now supports VMWare ESX 4.x

11/11/2009: NNMi 8.1x Patch 6 now supports Linux Red Hat 5.3

11/11/2009: NNMi 8.1x Patch 6 now supports Internet Explorer Version 8 in Compatibility View

11/11/2009: Known Problem with Linux Systems: Out of Memory error with postgres process

11/11/2009: Known Problem with node group maps on Internet Explorer Version 7

11/11/2009: Known Problem querying SNMPv3 node communication configuration via SDK

11/11/2009: Linux Systems need localhost entry in /etc/hosts

09/14/2009: Error in Patch 5 Enhancement Text

09/01/2009: NNM iSPI NET hotfix available

09/01/2009: Restart ovc after patch installation

09/01/2009: HP NNMi—HP NA integration fails to detect some interface mismatches detected by NA

09/01/2009: NNM 8.13 online help documentation errata

06/29/2009: Application Failover does not co-exist with Symantec Endpoint Protection

06/29/2009: Device Extension/Component Health Monitoring on already discovered nodes

06/29/2009: NNMi-Northbound-OM Agent Integration limitations

06/29/2009: NNMi-HPOM web service-based integration cannot handle large volumes of traps

06/29/2009: nnmnodedelete.ovpl, nnmnetloadnodeattrs.ovpl require an absolute path for the -file option

05/01/2009: NNMi 8.1x Patch 3 Adds Automatic Pre-patch Backup and Post-patch Removal Restore for embedded database Systems; Oracle users need to manually create pre-patch database backup.

05/01/2009: NNMi 8.1x Patch 3 Now Supports Linux Red Hat 5.2

Once the configuration steps are completed, then install NNMi Patch 3.

05/01/2009: Need to Increase Semaphores for Solaris Systems

05/01/2009: Defect QCCR1B38615: nnmloadmib.ovpl -load fails with fatal error after a number of mibs is resolved with NNMi 8.1x Patch 3

05/01/2009: NNMi 8.1x Now Supports Application Failover Across Subnets

02/25/2009: Issue with Event Configuration after Patch 2 Install

01/27/2009: Issue with NNMi 8.10 Patch 2 Uninstall

01/27/2009: Known Problems with NNMi Application Failover

01/27/2009: Known Problems with LDAP

01/27/2009: Known Problems with Custom Poller

01/27/2009: Limitation with Japanese Online Help

01/27/2009: New Features for NNM 8.11

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