Question marks displayed in the Performance Test Run Page

  • KM00711779
  • 14-Jan-2014
  • 03-Apr-2014


Native language characters are displayed incorrectly in the Online page of Performance Center (PC) 12.00 when a Language Pack (for German, Russian, Chinese, Korean or Japanese) is installed.


When working with non-English languages some of the strings (e.g. load test state, scheduler state and Windows measurements) displayed in the Online page of PC 12.00 are not displayed correctly. In these strings question marks may be displayed instead of letters or numbers. This happens when working with a PC 12.00 installed with a Language Pack on a machine with Windows OS in English locale, and where the locale was manually changed instead of using the out of the box localized Windows version. See the attached screen shot for an example of the problem.


Performance Center uses the Windows Locale of the 'Local System' account, but this locale is not automatically updated when changing the locale of the Windows manually.


1. Login as the PC system user (e.g. IUSR_METRO) to each of the PC Host machines that were installed on English Windows OS and were subsequently changed to a different locale.
2. Check The following:
           a. Go to Start  > Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language > Administrative> select Copy settings => “Copy your current settings to Welcome screen and system accounts”
           b. Restart the computer 
           c. Run a PC load test and check that all the data in the Performance Test Run page is now correctly displayed.

3. Alternatively using the following steps the PC Host registry can be manually updated with the new locale settings:
Backup the registry
           b. Copy all the data from HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\International to HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\Control Panel\International
           c. Restart the computer