How to use the Proxy Recording feature in LoadRunner 11.52

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  • 20-Dec-2013
  • 20-Dec-2013


A video presentation describing this feature is provided


What is Proxy Recording and how should this feature be used with LoadRunner (VuGen) 11.52?


In the previous versions of LoadRunner, VuGen was used almost exclusively in situations where VuGen and the "client" Application Under Test (AUT)  were installed on the same machine.

Proxy Recording is a new recording feature in LoadRunner 11.52 which allows the recording of the traffic to and from an AUT located on a remote computer, a mobile device, a Linux or a Mac machine.

A video presentation on the Proxy Recording feature in LoadRunner 11.52 covering these topics:

  1. Overview of Proxy Recording
  2. Configuring VuGen to record in proxy mode with:
    1. Web – HTTP / HTML protocol  and
    2. Mobile Application - HTTP / HTML protocol
  3. Limitations 

is available from the following link.

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