failure - Service Health BPM monitor is not working from JMX

  • KM00676193
  • 09-Dec-2013
  • 07-Jan-2014


Outcome of methods from JMX show incorrect/incomplete values


The fix of the correct functionality of the Service Health BPM Monitor methods, getLptBpmMonitorByName() and getLrdtBpmMonitorByName(), are not present on neither the official nor internal documentation of BSM v9.21 nor v9.22 documents.


Confirmed that QCCR1I70033 was fixed on v9.20 build 101. The JMX functionality was tested on the below versions:
·         v9.21.131 build 113
·         v9.22.111 build 137
Both getLptBpmMonitorByName() and getLrdtBpmMonitorByName() methods work as expected.
Steps followed to test this functionality:
2.       Click the invokeAllLptBpmMonitors() and invokeAllLrdtBpmMonitors() methods to get the BPMs instances monitored by Service Health.
3.       From the results listed, place the BPM name on either the ParamValue of the getLptBpmMonitorByName() or getLrdtBpmMonitorByName() methods to get the correspondent values.