QTP/UFT recognize WbfGrid as WebTables

  • KM00658338
  • 21-Nov-2013
  • 21-Nov-2013


QTP/UFT may recognize some Web Forms grids as WebTables instead of WbfGrid test objects.


There are scenarios where Quicktest Professional (QTP) or Unified Functional Testing (UFT) recognize WbfGrid as WebTables.


To workaround this situation do one of the following:

  1. Modify the Web forms control so that it meets one of the following conditions:

    • The class attribute contains the string DataGrid.
    • The id attribute contains at least one of the strings DataGrid or GridView.

    Note: This attributes can be verify using the Object Spy.
  2. Modify the rules that QTP/UFT uses to determine when to identify a Web Forms table control as a DataGrid or GridView (and learn it as a WbfGrid test object).

    • These rules are defined in: <QTP/UFT installation folder>\dat\WebFormsConfiguration.xml
    • The file contains comments that describe its format and explain how to use it.