When wanting to change the SystemTempDir Built-in variable, change the "TEMP" Environment Variable

  • KM00634176
  • 04-Nov-2013
  • 03-Oct-2014


SystemTempDir variable is based off of "TEMP" Environment Variable


This provide the steps to modify the value of the Built-in environment variable SystemTempDir  Located in Quick Test Ptofessional (QTP) and Unified Functional Testing (UFT) at File>Settings>Environment.


The value for this built-in variable in QTP/UFT is assigned from the Environment Variable "TEMP", the one located at User Variables section, so changing this variable from the Operating system will change the QTP built-in variable:
image text
Steps to perform the change:
1. Right click on my computer Icon
2. Select properties
3. Choose Advance Tab
4. Click on Environment Variable Button
5. Scroll down and search for the TEMP variable
6. Click on Edit button in order to modify the value
8. Set the path