HP Operations Manager policy/template that checks Web Server processes status for Apache, SunOne e IPlanet.

  • KM00634104
  • 04-Nov-2013
  • 04-Nov-2013


This policy checks if the Web Server processes are running. It is valid for Apache, SunOne and IPlanet. Runs under ksh. It uses a configuration file directly hardcoded at the begining of the script, variable "FICHERO_CONFIGURACION". The configuration file parameters are described at the beginning of the script. It has two functions: 1. it calculates what the minimum number of running processes is (father and children) depending on the type and configuration of the Web Server 2. Checks this minimum against the real running Web Server processes Two items inside the rar file: - WEB_SERVER_PROCESSES_STATUS_THRESHOLD: Is the policy (raw) - WebServerProcess.sh: Is the associated deployable script