Scheduled emailed reports are failing

  • KM00631561
  • 01-Nov-2013
  • 20-Feb-2014


When there is a large number of reports generated and scheduled to send out by email and unexpected error is recieved and the report fails.


Customer has many reports sent over email on a schedule from the UCMDB. This issue has been sporadic as not every week does the report fail. This only happen when there is a large number of reports and they are scheduled to execute and send at the same time. When it does fail the error can be seen in the error.log
2013-10-13 22:00:04,275 [GUIQuartzScheduler_Worker-10] ( ERROR - Scheduler::Job [[ID:22449 Name:Send report <Compare2_server.xml_ems>]] failed to send mail
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: This Style does not belong to the supplied Workbook. Are you trying to assign a style from one workbook to the cell of a differnt workbook?


The workaround for this issue is to seprate the reports to execute a different times. The suggested time sepration should be at least 1 min apart.