The command "ovcert -updatetrusted" is not working with Agent 11.1x on Certificate Server

  • KM00631560
  • 01-Nov-2013
  • 01-Nov-2013


This documents explains how to solve the error message "WARNING: Trusted certificate update was not successful"


When using the command "ovcert -updatetrusted", the following message is shown:

"WARNING: Trusted certificate update was not successful"

For this specific case the Certificate Server is using a OA11.12 Agent Version but the base version its OA11.11 and this is also applicable to this agent release.

Operations Manager for Windows OMW 8.10
Operations Manager for Windows OMW 8.16
Operations Manager for Windows OMW 9.00


After installing OA11.11 onto an OMW server the command “ovcert –updatetrusted” does not work.

During the analysis and after upgrading the ovcs with latest version it started working. With the latest patch it was seen that the ovcs.exe [%ovinstalldir%\lbin\sec] version is still 6.21.

Its his seen that the installation of ovcs in the log file [ Product_LCore_OvSecCS_install ] in path [%ovdatadir%\log\install folder]

Extract from the log:
MSI(s) [84:EC] [15:38:07:346]: Executing op: FileCopySourceName=ovcs.exe,SourceCabKey=F2_ovcs.exe,
DestName=ovcs.exe,Attributes=16384, FileSize=496952,PerTick=65536,,VerifyMedia=1,,,,,CheckCRC=0,
MSI(s) [84:EC] [15:38:07:347]: File: C:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\lbin\sec\ovcs.exe; To be installed; Won't patch; No existing file

The executable ovcs.exe is released as part of server patch OMW_00176. 

Please notice the ovdeploy -inv does not show this data.


Please install the:

A.09.x OVO Server Accessories Patch

OMW_00176           09.00.021                03/11/2013              Consolidated

After installation of the patch, install the below msi file manually. The server patch just copies the files to the <%ovinstalldir%>\Patches\OMW_00176 folder.

HPOvSecCS-11.10.035-Win5.2_64-release in location <%ovinstalldir%>\Patches\OMW_00176

The following is mentioned in the patch documentation available on:

"This patch can be installed only on the OMW Management Server, version 9.0 (all languages)

It contains the following shared component packages:

HPOvJREB (HP Software JRE)
HPOvTomcatB (HP Software Tomcat Servlet Container) HPOprWsInc (OM Incident Web Service) HPOmWs (HP Operations Manager Web Service) HPOvSecCS (HP Software Certificate Management Server)

Please note, that this patch only places these packages onto your OMW server system and a manual installation step is needed after the patch installation completes. Run the following command to install the new packages:


The HPOvSecCS will only be installed if the Agent version installed on the Management Server is greater than or equal to 11.10. You can check this by running "opcagt -version "

Please notice this is the expected behaviour if OMW_00176 is installed without OA11.10 being installed.