Vugen 11.52 crashes when creating a 'New Filter' in a .NET protocol script

  • KM00626858
  • 30-Oct-2013
  • 30-Oct-2013


Describes a problem and provides a fix for a Vugen 11.52 crash when creating a 'New Filter' in a .NET protocol script.


Running Vugen 11.52 Patch 01 on a full PC Host installation crashes when creating a 'New Filter' in a .NET protocol script. The following error is thrown:

... [  1] FATAL - Critical exception
System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
   at Interop.RTSXDLG.RtsX2Class.ShowSettingsDialogEx(Int32 SettingType, IVuserScript scriptCallback, String DatFile, String Type, String CfgFile, String ActiveTypes, String MultiTypes, Int32 dwHwnd, Boolean bReadOnly,
Int32 ScriptLang, String& GenerateTypes)
   at HP.LR.VuGen.StartRecordingDialog.ShowRecordOptionsHelper.ShowRecordOptions(IVuGenScript script)
in e:\LT\LT-LR\win32_release\11.52.4391.0_clean\app\VuGen\FrontEnd\Current\CoreAddins\
StartRecordingDialog\ShowRecordOptionsHelper.cs:line 43
   at HP.LoadRunner.Vugen.RecordingAddin.RecordOptionsCommand.Run()
The problem is not seen when Vugen 11.52 is used in either an 11.52 Standalone Application (SA) or LoadRunner installation.


Certain .NET protocol files were not included in PC 11.52 Host installation build.


To immediately avoid the problem use Vugen 11.52 on either a full LoadRunner 11.52 or Vugen Standalone Application (SA) installation.

To fix the problem on a PC 11.52 Host installation:

1. Login to the affected PC Host machine as Administrator.
2. For Windows 2008 R2 machines ensure User Account Control (UAC) is disabled.
3. Copy the attached to the PC Host
4. E
xtract all the files from the zip. 
5. Run the extracted gac_update.bat to install the missing files into the Global Assembly Cache.