How to register BSMC with BSM that uses SSL

  • KM00624415
  • 28-Oct-2013
  • 18-Feb-2014


BSM connector configuration with SSL


How to connect to BSM GW that uses SSL.


 1 – if using port 443.
The work around is not adding “:443” when registering BSMC via BSM Admin -> Integrations page.  The following is from “HP BSM Connector Release Notes” PDF document:
In BSM Gateway Server Settings: Check that the Gateway server name/IP address contains the correct server name and port (if not the default port 443). Enter the name of the external access point, if the BSM environment includes a load balancer, reverse proxy, or
BSM Web server.
It is asking you to enter the port number along with the server name if port number is not the default 443.  If you are using standard port 443 it is automatically filled by BSM GUI, so only when an alternate port is used, it needs to be filled out.
2 - In BSM, register the BSMC as “inaccessible profile”.  Into the BSMC GUI, click the Integration Preferences and set the host.fqdn etc info for connecting to BSM.  Info on how to integration BSMC in this 2-step “inaccessible profile” method is documented in the online help.