How to upgrade ST tests to UFT API?

  • KM00622310
  • 25-Oct-2013
  • 25-Oct-2013


If Users do not upgrade their tests with the Batch Upgrade tool, when they open a test last modified in version 11.10 or 11.20, it prompts to upgrade the test warning.


Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5x comes with a tool for API tests upgrade, called Batch Upgrader (STBatchUpgrader.exe), that allows Users to upgrade Service Test (ST) test from previous versions 11.10 and 11.20 to make them compatible for UFT API.

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In order to use this tool follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure all applications are close.
  2. Locate the Batch Upgrader tool, using the Windows Command Line (cmd), enter the location of the STBatchUpgrader.exe file which is in the <Unified Functional Testing>/bin folder.
  3. Using the following syntaxes, add to the command line the necessary options:

     STBatchUpgrader.exe source [destination] [/ALM url domain project] [/login username password] [/log logfile] [/report]

  4. Run the command.

Note: Using the "/report" parameter a small summary upgrade appears at the end with succeeded, failed and skipped results.

Limitations and Considerations:

  • The "source" and "destination" parameters, both need to be either pointing to a local file system (UNC path) or ALM location.
  • Tests last modified in Service Test 11.00 must first be opened and saved in Service Test 11.10, before you can upgrade them to UFT.
  • The Batch Upgrader tool may not successfully upgrade tests stored in ALM11.00 when working on Windows 2003.


  • Local:
    STBatchUpgrader.exe C:\Tests\ST1120 C:\Tests\UFT1152 /log C:\Tests\Logs\MyLogFile.txt /report


  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM):
    STBatchUpgrader.exe Subject\ST Subject\UFT /ALM DEFAULT VC_DISABLED /login MyUser MyPassword /log C:\Tests\Logs\MyLogFile.txt /report